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As an online course creator, you know that you can make money from more than just online courses, right? No? Well, you don't know what you don't know!  So grab a pen and paper and get ready to discover how you can add in extra revenue from your online courses.

Affiliate Marketing for Course Creators

In this article we're going to explore where you can become an affiliate, and add Easy Passive Income streams to your online course business. An affiliate is like a salesperson who makes product recommendations. If someone buys the product, you're paid a commission. If they don't, they are "tagged" with an electronic cookie that recognises them if they purchase at a later date.

You can easily become an affiliate for your favorite products and services by typing the brand name and the word "affiliate" into a search engine.

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If your favorite brand has an affiliate program or referral program, the search engine will show you where to find it. Click through and apply to become an affiliate.

How Easy Is It to Become an Affiliate?

It's usually quite easy to become an affiliate. You will be asked to create an account, and then answer a few questions, and add in your preferred method of payment. Most affiliate programs pay their commissions via PayPal. Some of the bigger affiliate networks pay direct into your bank account. 

What Questions Will I Be Asked When I Join an Affiliate Program?

Most merchants (the people and companies with affiliate programs are generally known as merchants) want to know that you are a real live human being and you are marketing their programs with as much care and consideration as they do. They will ask questions like:

  • How will you market this product?
  • Will you be disclosing your affiliate links?
  • Will you be using PPC?
  • What's your website address?

With the first question the merchant is finding out how you plan on promoting them. The answer is often a combination of ways like blogging, product reviews and email marketing. This helps the merchant decide on your application.

Will you be disclosing your affiliate links is a bit of a trick question. You are legally obligated to disclose them.  When marketing as an affiliate, it's important to disclose that you are an affiliate. This can be done a number of ways, and if you are unsure how, please get some affiliate marketing training.

PPC, or Pay Per Click is a popular way to advertise as an affiliate and make money. The merchant doesn't want to compete with an affiliate, so they will tell you what keywords you are allowed to "bid" on. Some merchants don't allow PPC for affiliates at all. As a course creator, you won't need to worry too much about PPC. 

And finally, it's important to share your website with the merchant. They often go and check you out and make sure that you are a real human being. 

You may also be asked questions about your list size, your audience size, where you are on social media, and once we were asked if we were on Instagram! This is very much like an interview; the merchant wants the best affiliates, and you want the best merchants!

How Long Does It Take to Become an Affiliate?

Anything from instantly to a month! As I mention above, your merchant will want to check you out and ensure you are a real, live, human being.  Some merchants, like Pitchground, will involve an interview with the founder. This is to protect the merchant's brand, and also you'll find it's great to meet with the person behind the brand and get to know them. These affiliate applications tend to take longer. 

Now You're an Affiliate, What Next?

You need to start promoting your affiliate links! 

Hang on a Minute! Isn't This Post About Affiliate Marketing for Course Creators?

Indeed it is! Now you know how to set up your affiliate marketing accounts you *need* some merchants to affiliate for. We've broken the list into 3 areas. Browse through them and see which ones you'd like to join and promote. 

Affiliate Programs for Additional Resources

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Read it For Me

Read it For Me is a brilliant recommendation for your students to read further on the subject you've just taught them. This enables them to grow and increase their knowledge without buying hundreds of books. It's a great option for coaches and course creators to add extra value to their already valuable resources area.

Affiliate Marketing for Course Creators 2


A cost-effective alternative to Zapier. Known as the "middleman" of software, Pabbly makes automation between tools easier. This is a great affiliate program to add to your additional resources.

Affiliate Marketing for Course Creators 3


If your course involves little jobs or tasks to complete, then being an affiliate for Fiverr is a no-brainer. It makes your students' lives easier, and it will save you hours.

Affiliate Marketing for Course Creators 4

Referral Candy 

Help your students gain more referrals to their own products and programs with Referral Candy. A simple and impactful resource that will help boost your income.

Affiliate Programs for Tech & Software

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Appsumo is an Aladdin's cave of software and tools for entrepreneurs. If your students are entrepreneurs or online business marketers, then you'll easily find something that you can share.

Affiliate Marketing for Course Creators 5


Tools and software for content creators and entrepreneurs. You'll find tools like Linkjoy to promote in your course, your content, and other places where your students interact with you. 

Affiliate Marketing for Course Creators 6


If your course helps people sell something like a digital download, ebooks or other digital products then SendOwl is the perfect affiliate program to share with your students. You'll have to set up a free account and then look for their Referral Scheme.

Affiliate Programs For Those Who Can't Use the Above  Options

Affiliate Marketing for Course Creators 7


Skimlinks is simply fantastic for those people who think they can't be an affiliate as it's too hard to find something for their niche. If you like cooking, crafting, fashion, fishing, astronomy... then Skimlinks will take your product recommendation links and turn them into affiliate links. They also help with disclosing affiliate links too. 

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Amazon Associates

If you want to recommend books and anything else from the myriad of Amazon products, then I recommend you go with Skimlinks first. If you cannot join Skimlinks, then join Amazon Associates. Amazon in the past used to be great for affiliates, however, it's adjusted it's affiliate compensation so much that it can be hard to earn additional revenue as an Amazon Associate. If you have a big following, you will be able to create an "influencer" page to promote. 

Affiliate Marketing for Course Creators 8


ShareASale is brilliant for a wide range of merchants, from WordPress themes to tech tools to journals to home furnishing! 

Affiliate Marketing for Course Creators 9


Not the easiest of sites to navigate, but 30 minutes here is 30 minutes well spent. From VPNs to Hosting to Canva to Camtasia, Impact has a host of software that you can affiliate for.  

As you can see, there are many ways you can add additional revenue to your courses with affiliate marketing. And I think you're not the only person who would love to learn affiliate marketing skills.

Introducing Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

This program is one of our fantastic dual-purpose courses. You can learn the content and apply it to your own business, and then you can teach your audience. You become your own success story, and what's more, you will know EXACTLY what works for your audience... because you've been there before them! 

Ready to light the way for your students?

Affiliate Marketing
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Teach Yourself. Then teach your audience.

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