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We've had several blog posts so far where we picked the brains of our team and shared with you the content they'd choose to build their online school or academy. You'll definitely want to go back and read those (here's the link Today, get ready to be inspired by one of our top instructional designers! 

Kate Cobb

Meet Kate

Kate is highly experienced not just in instructional design aspects, but also as a training consultant. So she knows not only what works in theory, but what works in practice!

Kate is a published author of training books and manuals: Ice  Breakers 2/ Beginnings and Endings, 10 Team Builders (Gower), Indoor and Outdoor Team DevelopmentManaging People through RedundanciesMergers and Acquisitions and Practical Decision Making for Managers (Fenman), published in both the European and US markets. She was commissioned to write Blended Learning for the CIPD L&D Journal and content for the Online Learning Idea Book, Volume II (Wiley).

What Courses Would You Pick for Your Online Course Academy?

1. Ideal Customer Profile

2. How to Create an Online Course

3. Signature System

4. Repurpose: From Blog to Book to Course

5. Write Your Expert Book

Why Did You Choose These Courses?

 I love teaching people how to turn what they know into increased cash flow. Once someone knows their ideal customer (the basis of everything) the next stage is to help them create an online course from their knowledge. As an experienced instructional designer creating courses isn't as easy as people think. Simple mistakes can impact your ability earn from your online course.

The next course in my academy will be the Signature System program. This will help my customers create their flagship course and create a method they'll be known for!

Then after these 2 brilliant courses, we'll pivot and learn some different skills; How to turn your blog into a book and then into a course will be great for this. This will help my students create books and mini-courses that lead into their other programs.

My students will hopefully have the book-bug and be ready for "Write Your Expert Book". This is the book that they've dreamed about writing and will help them market their business.

What Online Course Platform Would You Choose?

Teachable makes things easy for course creators, and they have handy videos if you get stuck. I would actually outsource this aspect of the course so I can focus on course content creation.

What Would The Investment Be for Your Academy?

This would be a 6 month program, so I'd ask for $2,500 for all 5 programs. If I sold them individually it would be a $4,500 investment. My prospective students will love that discount and will see the value in the curriculum.

How Would You Market Your New Academy?

Facebook ads. I'd grow a warm audience, nurture them with the emails and build a relationship with them. I'd open my cart at the end of the sequence and run some ads to them to remind them of the offer.

I'd continue to nurture the leads so that I have a steady stream of students into my academy.

What Tips Do You Have For Our Readers?

Follow the course content framework that Content Sparks has created for you. When you create online courses you want your students to get results. We've created the formula for online course success, all you have to do is add your experiences and branding! 

When you have a professional instructional designer (me!) design your content there are elements built into your courses to help your students succeed. It's an easier, yet stronger process for your students to follow. 

Thank you Kate

We found this very inspiring! Will you choose the same courses as Kate to build your online course curriculum, or would you choose something different?

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