Customer Service Content Sparks Style!

Here at Content Sparks, customers are at the heart of our business. This means having robust and fair customer service policies. And since 2010, we're been thrilled that customers have told us how much they love the help and support they get from us.

In this article, I'm going to share with you the secrets to our customer service success, and if you'd like to replicate that in your business you can get our white label course. That's right! You can teach great customer service to your audience... without creating any course content yourself. 

Customer Service Content Sparks Style

Great Customer Service Starts With The Website

The amazing Debra Lloyd looks after our website for us. She ensures that it's fast loading, and that it's performing as it should so that you can always find a tutorial, an online course kit, or the answers to a question.  You'll see that we have plenty of search areas on the site as well as sections to help you, like the FAQs:

What does my license allow me to do with my Content Sparks content?

Your license gives you the rights to edit or cut up the content into sections, combine it with other content, or transform it to other media formats (such as audio, video, graphics, etc).

You can then share or sell the content with paid customers or prospects who have given you contact details.

The exception is the content meant for promotion, such as tweets, blog posts, and graphics. You can publish those freely anywhere on the web to drive traffic to your site and offers.

What am I NOT allowed to do with my Content Sparks content?

You are not allowed to sell or give away a license  or the editable files to anyone else. That means you can NOT sell or share the Private Label Rights (PLR), Resell Rights, or Master Resell Rights to anyone.

Also, you are not allowed to publish the content freely on the web where anyone can read or download it, including free membership sites or forums. The exception is promotional materials, as mentioned above. This protects the value of your content.

Do I have to rewrite the content?

You have the option to rewrite it if you choose, but it is not necessary. However, we recommend that you rewrite and add to any web-based content that you want found by search engines (like Google), so that it will rank higher in search engines. Adding value to existing content is also important, such as additional images, examples, stories, or lists of resources. By adding your own personal examples and experience, you'll boost your reputation and credibility exponentially.

What should I charge for the content once I've made it into a product?

Pricing your content is always a challenge and it depends on your own market. Some people charge $97 for a webinar series. Others add it to a $27/month paid membership program each month. And some have charged as much as $1997 for a full training program with coaching added.

Take a look at what competitors and similar businesses are charging in your industry. Then find your own middle ground based on how you want to position yourself.

We recommend that you never charge less than $27, depending on the length of the program, and charge more if you're adding live or video elements. Charge even more if you're adding coaching.

If I want to set up a sales funnel, how do I get started?

We have a number of tutorials and videos in our blog, as well as a list of our favorite resources we use in our own business.

Start by watching these tutorials:

==> Profiting from Content: Basic Funnel Set Up for Beginners

==> How to Quickly Customize Your Content

And get ideas for resources to use here:

==> Resources I Use in My Business

How can I get help if I need it?

You can always contact our support desk here:

You should expect an answer within 24 hours, except on weekends.

The FAQs help you get an answer quickly and easily so we include them everywhere that those questions might come up. 

Great Customer Service Continues With The Sales Pages...

The FAQs also appear on our sales pages so you can conveniently refresh your memory about what you can and can't do with your content license. You'll find that the sales pages overcome common objections, which means you don't need to contact support unless you want to.  You'll see screen shots of the product and a sneak peek from me further down the page, all of which help you make a decision about whether the course is right for you. Sarah and Fiona go over ever single sales page to make sure your questions are answered in the content, or in the FAQ section near the bottom of the page.

Great Customer Service Continues With The Thank You Pages...

When you purchase your online course, the thank you page jumps in to pick up the customer service trail...

Customer service on the thank you page

As you scroll down the thank you page, you'll see confirmation of your order. You'll notice (1) that there are gentle nudges towards your next step. You'll also notice (2) that there's a bonus coupon code. Many customers thank us for us for our generosity and feel loved and appreciated.  As you scroll down the page you will see more customer service love showing you where you can get additional support if you need it, and links to your account.

thank you page customer service 2

We also have links to related products so you can visualize what your course will look like with the additions. Fiona and I brainstorm this page every month so that you get the most up to date information. These suggestions will help your course stand out. Again, this is something that many of our customers thank us for as they get even more excited about their new course and how it can grow their business.

Great Customer Service Continues With Email

While you're looking at the thank you page, your welcome email arrives in your inbox. So if your PC crashes, or your internet fails and you lose the thank you page, you will find us in your inbox with the ways you can download your content when you're back online. 

email customer service

As you can see from the screenshot, after we've thanked you for choosing one of the amazing Content Sparks course kits, the next link sends you straight to your account so you can download. With our larger Blaze packages, we include a coupon code here for you as well. The email also includes tips and the details of the Content Sparks help desk if you have a customer service issue not covered by support on the website, sales pages, thank you pages or in the email!

Great Customer Service Continues With The Mastermind Group & Email

You've got the course kit, what next? Well, there's email follow-up showing you where you can find resources, tools, and tutorials so you can create your fantastic course.

We take it one step further with our mastermind group, which is exclusive to customers. You'll find there's a lot of experienced course creators willing to give you feedback and answer questions. Of course, the Content Sparks team jumps in and shares additional resources, including tagging people who can help. You'll even find a directory of people who can help you get your course ready for sale. In addition, we share exclusive customer-only content in the group. In the past, we've had exclusive training from fantastic experts like:

  • Leslie Samuel - blogging and courses
  • Shaa Wasmund - courses and launches 
  • Alice Andreat - Clubhouse
  • Karyn Greenstreet - Masterminds
  • Andrea Vahl - Facebook ads for course creators

Great Customer Service Continues With The Livestreams

Sarah and I jump on a livestream at the start of every product launch to answer any of your questions. We take a deep dive into the content, talk about where it can enhance your existing courses, how you can expand and develop a curriculum and many other things. You can also ask about your current content, and we answer all the questions either on the livestream or in the comments. We even follow up with you after to ensure you have what you need. So you never have to worry about feeling stuck or lost, because we're here to guide you to online course success!

Great Customer Service Continues With The Blog Posts and Tutorials!

Whether its in the customer group, via email, or on a livestream, if you have a question we probably have a blog post or tutorial to help! Every month, Sarah and I look at what we have for you, see what needs refreshing, and identify posts to create so you have all the support you need. We're often complimented on the depth of our tutorials and how informative our content is. Customers tell us that they love the content since it helps them become better course creators and gives them the competitive edge!

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Great Customer Service Also Has a Help Desk

When Content Sparks first started, the first thing we added was the help desk so you could get support right away. A help desk means you can outsource aspect of customer service if you don't have the skills or the patience. 

How do help desks work? If you still can't find what you need on the site, on the pages, in the FAQs, or you have a question that you don't want to ask in the mastermind group, then you can reach out to the help desk. Expertly organized by Fiona, you can send a ticket and then we'll get back to you with 24 hours or less. Sometimes Fiona or I will answer, other times Kate, Evan or Sarah will add to the answer and we'll send you the response. For common quesions that keep coming up, we then add that answer into a main database of FAQs on the Help Desk site itself (accessible from our website).

Whatever question you may have, you'll find one of our team members has the experience to help you. This is why a diverse team is so valuable. 

As you can see great customer service is baked into every aspect of Content Sparks, with every team member working to make things easier for you. 

Ready to Teach This to Your Audience?

Now, the chances are you do something similar in your business with your customers already - which means you'll love our Cutting-Edge Customer Service course. Take a look here and see how you can teach your next wave of students!

Cutting-Edge Customer Service

Teach Yourself. Then teach your audience.

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