1000+ New Leads in 5 Days – Are You Up For a Challenge?

If you could add 1,000 new subscribers to your email list in 5 days, how would you do it?  Facebook ads? Social Media Marketing? Google Ads? Tik Tok? 

This article is about how I generated 1,000+ NEW leads for Content Sparks in less than 5 days, and I didn't use any of the tactics above! 

Brainstorming How to Generate the Perfect Leads for Content Sparks

Sarah Arrow, my Content Sparks Partner-in-Livestreams, and I sat down on Zoom and brainstormed. We made a list of what we had in terms of lead magnets, and what worked in the past. We crunched the numbers and determined that our 10-Day Get Your Course Online Challenge could be reduced to just 5 days. This taps into the trend of 5-day challenges and gave us something to work from.

We looked at where we would deliver the challenge, and we had to factor in that a lot of the Content Sparks community didn't want to be on Facebook any longer (we asked!). This meant that wherever we decided to host the challenge, we needed community space as well as somewhere to host the training.

We settled on New Zenler. For us, New Zenler is perfect because it has a community area and a mobile app. The app is in beta for course admins, but ready for students to login and use. The app can be used on Android and iPhones, making it easy for our participants to access the content and ask questions.

The next step was to determine what to put in the 5-day challenge and what to throw out...

10 Days Down to 5 Days

Losing 5 days out of a 10-day challenge is difficult. You want to create something meaningful for your participants and ensure they achieve a goal, but you don't want to cut out the day that gives them the magical results.

Here's what we ended up including in each...

10 Day Challenge Content

  • Course Slides
  • Action Guide
  • Course Book
  • 2 x Blog Posts
  • Cheatsheet
  • Trello Board
  • Daily emails, checklists, planner, and other resource links
  • Facebook Support Group
  • VIP Upgrade Option that includes more in-depth videos, planners, and templates

5 Day Challenge Content

  • Course Slides
  • Action Guide
  • Content Sparks Community on New Zenler
  • New Zenler App
  • Daily emails, videos, guide, and workbook in Content Sparks Learning Center on New Zenler
  • Course Completion Certificates
  • Exclusive coupons

As you can see, there's not a huge difference between the 2 challenges, so how did we cut out 5 days?

The New 5 Day Challenge - Simplified

In the 10-day challenge we had all sorts of things from attraction content to the course materials to cheatsheets. In our brainstorming, we determined that the Content Sparks Ideal Client wants to get their course online fast. So that's what we focused on. Like Marie Kondo, we looked at each piece of content and asked if it brought our ideal reader one step closer to getting their course online. 

If it did, we kept it. If it didn't, we put it aside. 

Very quickly we had 5 days of powerful content that anyone at any stage could use to create an online course!

Recording the 5-Day Challenge

We decided to record our 5-Day Challenge using Zoom. With me being in California (at the time) and Sarah just outside of London, we had to find a timeframe that worked for both of us. So we decided to record the challenge over 2 days. I'd record the welcome, Sarah and I would then record days 1 and 2. Then, we'd take a break and record days 3, 4, and 5 the next day.

We took a little longer than expected to record the content, but we did get 5 days and a welcome recorded in the 2 sessions.

Next Step... Editing

In a perfect world, we'd record the sessions in one take as we know the content inside out. However, Sarah had the giggles and they're infectious. Just when she'd stop laughing, I'd set us both off again.

So, the giggles were edited out along with a few false starts (like me forgetting what day we were on). The great thing about this is the smiles you see on our faces are genuine and you can hear our love for the content in the videos.

Uploading to New Zenler

Here I handed it over to Sarah. She set up the challenge as a course, added in the course cover, and started to upload the content, created the joining page, and added in the welcome emails.

I did some light editing on the module titles. Sarah didn't want to give anything away... and I wanted participants to know what to expect.

Very quickly we had a challenge online and ready to go!

Promoting Our 5 Day Challenge

We put aside the new 5-Day Challenge for a couple of weeks to work on other aspects of Content Sparks, and decided to schedule a 'soft' relaunch date of 15th of March.

Prior to the new launch date, I emailed our affiliates and told them about the new challenge. Challenges are great opportunities for affiliates. They enable affiliates to offer their audience something powerful, for free, and if the participant takes advantage of the coupons and discounts available, they gain a commission. It's a gentler way to earn money, and a way that puts the participant at the heart of all the activity.

We also notified the 10-Day Challenge Facebook community that we will be closing that space, and they're welcome to join the New Zenler community.

And finally, we scheduled announcements on social media and swapped out all the links from our 10-Day Challenge for the new 5-Day Challenge, including any graphics and calls to action on our website.

So how did we do?

5 day course challenge

81% Conversion Rate in 5 days!

We were both delighted to watch the numbers come in. 287 participants on 15th of March. The 17th of March gave us 580 participants. And by midday on the 20th of March, we had 1004 participants!

What's Better in the 5-Day Challenge?

The community and the New Zenler app have made an incredible difference. Because the app is available on all devices, everyone knows where the content is, and how to access it. The community can be easily accessed from the course, and I'm in there every day encouraging participants.

Ready to Create Your Own Successful 5 Day Challenge?

I hope you're inspired by what you've discovered in this post. Maybe you're thinking about a 5-day challenge to attract more leads to your business or to gain students for your courses. If you are, you're totally in the right place. 

We have a fantastic white label course kit that will walk you through creating a successful 5-day challenge. 

Create Your Successful 5 Day Challenge

Teach Yourself. Then teach your audience.

5 Day Challenge SalesPageCollage 1

You can teach yourself, and then teach your audience how to create and deliver their own successful 5-day challenge. You can become your own case study like we did, and you can even aim for 1,000 new leads in 5 days - a huge goal, but still achievable.

And if you don't have affiliates to help you? Then you definitely need to pick up this course kit because we have thought of everything you can possibly do to market your challenge and included that in the course!

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