Need help getting started with using your Content Sparks content?

Or, want a step-by-step process for implementing your purchase for maximum results?

Download your 5-Step Content Implementation Plan package and get started!

The Content Implementation Plan includes:

 Your 6-page Content Implementation Plan

This quick guide walks you through the content you need, and where you can use it for maximum impact. Neatly divided into steps, you'll love this fast-start plan!

An 8-page Workbook to complete when following the plan

To support you, you'll find this 8 page workbook invaluable. Customers refer to it time and time again.

 A Checklist of key points from the plan

Need a quick refresher? Print this checklist and keep it by the side of your computer. This at-a-glance checklist will ensure you never forget a thing!

A Content Maximizer and Editorial Calendar Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet helps you keep track of your content making it easy to see where you are using your content!

I also put together a video where I talk through how the steps in the plan work together, if you're a more visual person or want some more explanation.

It's less than 15 minutes and I suggest you download the files above and open them up so you can refer to them as you watch and listen. Or you can even print them out.

Once you've decided where you'll use your content and you've made any edits you want, you'll need to put your branding on everything. You can take a look at our Instructions for Branding Your Content below.

We've also put together a training page for tutorials on different things you can do with your content, and tips for using it for maximum impact on your business growth:

Need Help? Read our FAQs here or contact our Help Desk here.
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Enjoy your new content and let us know if you have any questions 

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