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With this Upgrade Package, you'll get content that complements our Think Like A CEO course. These are terrific for getting more sales of your course, and to use as handouts, surprise gifts, bonuses, and more. 

  • Think Like a CEO Assessment (.docx) - A series of questions to assess your current ability to Think Like a CEO, with results based on your total scores for each area: Mindset, Decision Making, Delegation, Innovation.
  •  Think Like a CEO Assessment (.xlsx) - The same assessment in a spreadsheet that's divided into separate topic tabs which auto-calculate your results.
  • Think Like a CEO Guided Journal (.pptx) - Brandable, editable journal for planning how to address each of the questions in the Assessment. Comes with cover template for uploading to Amazon's KDP and selling as a printed, physical version of the journal 

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Social Media Images

10 editable images in a Canva template that you can use to build your audience and drive traffic to your opt-in and sales pages for Think Like A CEO. Just change out the photo (if you want), replace the logo with your own, and add the url you want people to go to.


  • 10 editable images in a Canva template
  • Instructions

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With Leading & Coaching Your Dream Team, you’ll get everything you need to LEARN, TEACH, and ATTRACT STUDENTS to your own step-by-step course that teaches your clients how to develop a team that works together to achieve their business goals.

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In Success Mindset for Entrepreneurs, you’ll get everything you need to create a webinar, workshop, lead magnet, or paid product on how to transform someone's mindset from limiting to growth-oriented.

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