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Hi Course Creator!  

I’m so thrilled that you’re here reading this, because it means you’re taking the 10 Day Online Course Challenge.  

Did you know that…. 

The Online Course Industry is expected to be worth over 25 billion US Dollars by 2025. (Source: Zion Market Research) 

Can you imagine what it would be like to have not just one, but a whole school full of courses

…bringing in recurring revenues for your business every day?  

Can you imagine having free and paid courses that bring in new high-end clients on a regular basis? (no strong-arm selling involved!) 

Can you imagine how just a small slice of the $25 billion online learning pie will improve your life? 

What would your life look like?  

  • More travel? 
  • More time with family? 
  • Exotic vacations? 
  • Buy a new home? 
  • Get your dream car? 
  • Take on a project you’ve been eager to do, but just didn’t have the time? 

Whatever your goal is, you know that online courses can help you achieve your dreams.  

You just need to get your course ready,… and then sell it. 

I know, I know. Easier said than done. Or is it? 

To help you get your course published and ready to sell, Content Sparks created the free 10-Day Online Course Challenge. 

But when we ran it live, we discovered that some people wanted extra time and more training.  

Now, since you joined the FREE challenge, you already have: 

  • The Trello board for planning 
  • Daily emails to point you in the right direction
  • PLUS, the supportive community for feedback and to ask questions… 

Could you use some additional guidance to get your course published and selling?  

This is where the Content Sparks VIP Course Challenge comes in.  

Content Sparks VIP Online Course Training

When you join our Content Sparks VIP Course Challenge, you’ll get all the following:

Daily Training Videos 

Get detailed tips and look over our shoulder to learn precisely how to do each day’s activities. No more wondering what to do next or getting stuck. 

Tech Tutorials

We hear you! Sometimes the tech side can seem overwhelming if you haven't done it before. So we created tutorials on key tech tools we recommend. And we're always adding more when we see the need. 

Detailed planners 

The VIP Online Course Planner alone is priceless. But you’ll also find additional worksheets and planners to take your content and marketing up a notch, including the 12 Step Marketing Planner.

Tools & Resources 

Links to tools and resources that we use to make our own courses stand out – yes, not only will you get the templates, but the training on how to use them too!

Motivation Videos

Daily mindset videos to keep you motivated, focused, and inspired. These only take a minute or so to watch, but they'll set you up for success each day.


Not only will you get a bonus 12-Week Content Planner, but we've provided tons of other goodies, such as content templates and inspirational screensavers.

At Content Sparks, we understand that the 10-Day Online Course Challenge can be more challenging for some people than others. 

There are people who have created their course in 1 day, while there are others who have taken the full 10 days or more. However… 

We’ve found that with the extra training and resources in the VIP Challenge, our students’ success rate skyrockets.  

And when you have your course published and selling, you’ll have more opportunity to grow your business and more time to do all the things you’ve dreamed of.  


You're in luck! We're giving you a FULL year access to the video training PLUS you can download the planners, templates, guides, and other pdfs and keep them FOREVER!


One-time-payment of $97

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3 payments of $47/month

Become a VIP:
3 Payments of $47

Here’s what some of our previous Challenge members have said:

Marsha Malcom - Award-winning Author, Copy Editor, & Self-Publishing Consultant

I participated in Content Sparks' first 10-day course creation challenge and it was life-changing for me. ... I came away with a good sense of what I needed to do in order to make the dream of launching an online course a reality. I have since completed that course and it's now open for registration. The most helpful thing for me during the 10-day challenge was the Trello board. I had used Trello before as part of an international project management team, but I hadn't realized how useful it could be in helping me to plan for my OWN goals. That Trello board was a life-changer for me. ... I have now adapted that Trello board for use in my course creation projects going forward. I hope there will be many. Thank you so much, Sharyn, Sarah and team!

Terry Loving - Agile Fractal Grid | DE&I Events

I've been a customer of Content Sparks for years. Recently I participated in a 10 day challenge that boosted my productivity and motivated me to get organized and finish several projects that have been ideas for a long time! In the 10 day challenge, we received great materials, detailed instruction through live video as well as resources delivered by a super organized Trello board. Each day's activities were presented and demonstrated with "over the top" expertise and support. I am grateful for Sharyn Sheldon sharing her professional experience, her amazing attention to details, and the encouragement and support throughout the process. 

Here’s a little about your Challenge leaders:

Sharyn Sheldon - Founder & CEO, Content Sparks

Sharyn is the owner of, the premium provider of professional quality, brandable training programs and marketing materials. Business coaches and consultants rely on her content as their time-saving secret for expanding their reputation, attracting new business, and becoming the go-to resource for clients. Content Sparks' customers get the benefit of a team with 30+ years of experience developing business training for Fortune 500 companies… so you don't have to create any of your course content from scratch.

Sarah Arrow - Owner, Online Visibility Academy & Content Nitro

Sarah Arrow is the co-founder of the Online Visibility Academy where she helps entrepreneurs learn the digital marketing skills required for a successful business. With over 3,000 students, the Online Visibility Academy helps you go from overlooked to fully-booked in a few short courses. 

The way I see it right now is you have three options. 

Option 1:  

Continue as you are right now, doing exactly what you always do, and get the same outcomes as usual. 

Option 2:  

The second option is to open the emails to the Free 10-Day Course Challenge, follow the steps in the Trello Board, and join the community. You may or may not complete the challenge successfully, as it’s all down to you. 

Option 3:  

The third option is to accelerate your success by getting extra training and joining the Content Sparks VIP Course Challenge.

As well as the content in the free challenge, you have access to all the video training, planners, templates, guides, tips, and more content in our VIP Challenge learning center.

The good news is there’s an option that’s perfect for you and your needs, and it’s here right now. 

Enroll in the Content Sparks VIP Challenge membership by clicking on the link below:  


Get a FULL year access to the video training

...PLUS you can download the planners, templates, guides, and other pdfs and keep them FOREVER!


Spread it out:

After you’ve joined, you’ll get immediate access to the VIP Challenge learning centre where you can dive into the content.  

The brilliant thing about the Content Sparks VIP Challenge is you can go at your own pace.  

If you want to do it all over a weekend, you can! If you want to take 4 weeks, you can do that too.  

Even better, since the VIP Challenge gives you 1 FULL Year Access, you can use it for your course creation month after month, 

…. guiding you step-by-step as you build your online course empire!  

Now, there are two types of people when it comes to online courses.  

The first person is filled with good intentions. They want to do more, have more and be more, 

…. but their excuses are more powerful than their reasons to succeed. 

The second person is different. They want to lead a more fulfilled life. They want to have more freedom and more recurring income. And they have a strong desire to create the online courses that will help them achieve their goals,  

…. even if they don’t have all the skills or the tools right now. 

Which one are you?  

Let’s recap for a moment what you’ll get when you join Content Sparks VIP Challenge...

You'll get monthly access to:

  • Daily Training Videos 
  • Tech Tutorials
  • Detailed Planners - Sarah insists these alone are worth becoming a VIP member!
  • Links to tools and resources (and training on how to use them)  
  • Mindset videos 
  • BONUS – 12 Week Content Planner 
  • More BONUSES! We’ll add more as we get feedback and see what else people need. 

Enough of being stuck!  

Enough of thinking this will be your year and then things staying exactly the same.  

Enough of not having a share of the online course market – there’s more than enough for all of us! 

If we can help you successfully publish your course, will you join us in the Content Sparks VIP Challenge?  


Join Your Fellow VIP Course Creators Now... 

BEST DEAL (Save 30%)

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See you inside!

P.S. As a bonus right now, you’ll also get: 

  • The discounted VIP founder rates
  • Our Canva and Thrive Architect templates  
  • Video guidance on how to use the templates

Not only will your online courses change lives, they’ll look great too.  



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Check out our Frequently Asked Questions:

How long do I have access to the content?

How does a full year sound? Yup, once you've enrolled (either with the one-time-payment or 3 monthly payments), you'll have all the training at your fingertips. Content in the Learning Center includes all the training videos, tutorials, templates, and guides - as well as any other content we add in the future based on member requests.

In addition, you can download any of the guides, planners, templates, or other pdfs and keep those FOREVER and ever!

What if I can't complete the Challenge in 10 days?

Don't worry! We know that sometimes life happens and you get sidetracked during your course creation. And everyone has different skills and works at their own pace. That's why we're giving you a full year access to the training and resources. So if you start this week and then your computer crashes or your dog gets sick (I hope not!) or you land a new client who needs you 24/7 (ugh, that's why you need courses)... your VIP Challenge training will still be there next month or the month after... or the month after that.

What if I'm not happy?

At Content Sparks, when you're not happy, we're devastated! Please let us know right away what the problem is and we'll do our best to help. Just email us at

And if you show us you've done all the Challenge worksheets and checklists in the first 30 days, but haven't gotten your course online, send us an email at and we'll give you a full refund.

That said, every Challenge participant who has done the work in the past has seen success with their online courses, so we all have full confidence in you :).

BEST DEAL (Save 30%)

Spread out your investment: