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Use our customizable done-for-you business content for all your marketing, training, and product creation needs.

Content Sparks is your smart, time-saving solution for building your reputation, standing out from your competitors, and growing your profits.

Why Use Our Content

Designed By Learning Experts

At Content Sparks, we have over 20 years of experience designing and developing professional business training content for Fortune 50 companies, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. We apply the principles of instructional design to each piece of our content, always focusing on the ultimate success of both you and your customers. (CLICK HERE to learn more about who we are and our content creation guidelines)

Adaptable to All Markets & Media

We've designed our content to be adaptable to any market or audience, and to be flexible for use in any media format. You'll be able to attract a larger audience with multiple learning styles when you take advantage of all of the customization opportunities with Content Sparks. Just take any piece of content from Content Sparks and add your own insights and voice. Everything is fully editable and customizable. (CLICK HERE to get ideas for how to use your content)

Content on the Hottest Topics

Our content focuses on the hot topics your customers want to learn about, centered around 3 main areas: Marketing, Business, and Professional Development. We also take requests from our customers and we listen to all your feedback. (CLICK HERE to see a list of all our current topics)

Content Levels

Flash Content

Fast, Budget Solutions

Get lightning-fast, ready-to-go content on specific topics for all your business needs, large and small.

You get reports, worksheets, checklists, tweets and more. Topics include things like Psychographics, Online Reputation Management, Automating Your Business, and more.

Prices start at $17

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Beacon Content

Visibility Solutions

Shine a light on your expertise and your business with content for presenting webinars, workshops, video and more.

You get scripts, slides, worksheets, checklists, graphics and other goodies. Topics include things like Customer Service, Storytelling in Marketing, Video Marketing, Branding and more.

Prices start at $47

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Blaze Content

All-in-One Product Solutions

Fire up your profits by creating full training programs and complete product sales funnels.

You get a complete set of materials for your learners, for your own teaching, and for promoting your course. Topics include things like Creating a Marketing Plan, Mind Mapping, Referral-Based Marketing, and more.

Prices start at $77

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What Our Customers are Saying ...


When it comes to premium customizable content, look no further than Sharyn’s suite of products. This is beautifully researched and exquisitely crafted material. Even if you don’t end up modifying and rebranding it for your own business, you’re guaranteed to find the content itself incredibly useful. Sharyn’s trainings drive even greater value into the customer equation; don’t miss them. I’ve been in marketing for over three decades, and Sharyn and her team continue to impress me with each new release.

This is first-rate stuff—highly recommended. Period.

Tamara Patzer

Thanks to Content Sparks, I’ve been able to start a membership site. I always wanted to do it, but never had the time. I’m charging $27 and $97 per month and am using Content Sparks products to drip new content each month. With 50 members at the $27/month right now, that’s an additional $1,350/month right there, all from a $149 investment.–Tami Patzer

VaNessa Duplessie

I used Content Sparks products to create a lead magnet for $37 intro coaching calls. With one solo ad, I got 123 emails and 65 phone numbers of prospects. Now it’s up to me to call them! [In addition], I was blown away with the quality. It saved me at least $50,000 worth of my time.–VaNessa