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 Next Level Website Content Expansion Pack

With our  Next Level Website Content Expansion Pack, you'll get content that complements our Next Level Website Content course. These are terrific to use as handouts, surprise gifts, bonuses, and lead magnets. The resources include:

  • Embed Videos in Your Long-Form Content and Keep Readers Engaged – Learn why videos boost your long-form content and how you can create and embed videos into that content.
  • Next Level Videos for Your Long-Form Content – Worksheet – Use this worksheet to plan, create, and embed your own videos in your long-form content to keep readers engaged and improve your page rankings.
  • Make Infographics a Part of Your Web Content Strategy – Learn how infographics can help your web content strategy and how to present content in infographics that have minimal text and are designed to clearly present information in an easy-to-follow, engaging format.
  • Next Level Infographics for Your Web Content Strategy – Worksheet – Use this worksheet to plan out your next infographic. Complete with checklist, so you don't forget anything!
  • Is Your Web Content ‘Next Level’? Website Grader – Answer the questions in this assessment to get an overall grade for your website. Then find out the steps to take in order to ‘level up’ your website content! In .docx and interactive .xlsx format.
  • Social Media Images – An editable Canva template with 10 beautifully designed social media images.

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Expansion BONUS!

If you get BOTH  Next Level Website Content AND this Expansion Pack, you'll also get the following bonus:

  • Trello Board – The Action Guide for ‘Next Level Website Content' set up for you in an interactive Trello Board.

Just copy the board and edit however you want. Then offer it as a bonus for students in your program, so they have a digital way to complete the Action Steps.

You can even repurpose it in the future for other online courses!

IMPORTANT: The Bonus Trello Board will be sent via a separate email when you purchase both packages – the main course on Next Level Website Content AND the related Expansion Pack.

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How to Create Website Content for Your Key Pages

Strategic Website Content

With Strategic Website Content, you’ll get everything you need to LEARN, TEACH, and ATTRACT STUDENTS to your own step-by-step course that will help your customers create the 4 key pages on their website, so they get maximum visitor engagement and customer conversions.



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personalized content marketing

Personalized Content Marketing

In Personalized Content Marketing, you'll get everything you need to create a lead magnet, short course, email series, or paid product on how to engage your readers and customers by personalizing the content you show them.



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Still not sure? Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions:

What does my license allow me to do with my Content Sparks content?

Your license gives you the rights to edit or cut up the content into sections, combine it with other content, or transform it to other media formats (such as audio, video, graphics, etc).

You can then share or sell the content with paid customers or prospects who have given you contact details.

The exception is the content meant for promotion, such as tweets, blog posts, and graphics. You can publish those freely anywhere on the web to drive traffic to your site and offers.

What am I NOT allowed to do with my Content Sparks content?

You are not allowed to sell or give away a license  or the editable files to anyone else. That means you can NOT sell or share the Private Label Rights (PLR), Resell Rights, or Master Resell Rights to anyone.

Also, you are not allowed to publish the content freely on the web where anyone can read or download it, including free membership sites or forums. The exception is promotional materials, as mentioned above. This protects the value of your content.

Do I have to rewrite the content?

You have the option to rewrite it if you choose, but it is not necessary. However, we recommend that you rewrite and add to any web-based content that you want found by search engines (like Google), so that it will rank higher in search engines. Adding value to existing content is also important, such as additional images, examples, stories, or lists of resources. By adding your own personal examples and experience, you'll boost your reputation and credibility exponentially.

What should I charge for the content once I've made it into a product?

Pricing your content is always a challenge and it depends on your own market. Some people charge $97 for a webinar series. Others add it to a $27/month paid membership program each month. And some have charged as much as $1997 for a full training program with coaching added.

Take a look at what competitors and similar businesses are charging in your industry. Then find your own middle ground based on how you want to position yourself.

We recommend that you never charge less than $27 and charge more if you're adding live or video elements. Charge even more if you're adding coaching.

If I want to set up a sales funnel, how do I get started?

We have a number of tutorials and videos in our blog, as well as a list of our favorite resources we use in our own business.

Start by watching these tutorials:

==> Profiting from Content: Basic Funnel Set Up for Beginners

==> How to Quickly Customize Your Content

And get ideas for resources to use here:

==> Resources I Use in My Business

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