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With this Expansion Pack, you'll get content that complements our How to Overcome Sales Objections course. These are terrific for getting more sales of your course, and to use as handouts, surprise gifts, bonuses, and more. 

  • Module Quizzes - Engage your audience with quizzes for each module of the Course. You can easily add these quizzes to your online course platform to test your students’ knowledge. Or use them individually to generate discussion and interaction in a live training.
  • Sales Page Copy - Use your favorite landing page template and enter the sales copy text directly into that template, customizing it to sound like you and to resonate with your unique audience’s needs. We even provide placeholders and instructions for how to customize the copy so it will convert to more sales!
  • Clarify Your Sales Pitch + Checklist – Improve objection handling by clarifying your sales pitch. Use the checklist to review all your communications channels to ensure you are clearly and consistently describing your product or service and that other people are doing the same.
  • Overcome Sales Objections in Your FAQs – Worksheet – Use this worksheet to incorporate your most common sales objections into the FAQ section of your website and sales pages, so that you can educate your prospects about your product/service.

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Social Media Images

10 editable images in a Canva template that you can use to build your audience and drive traffic to your opt-in and sales pages for How to Overcome Sales Objections. Just change out the photo (if you want), replace the logo with your own, and add the url you want people to go to.

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