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Recommend any of our products and earn:

  • 50% commissions on all sales

  • 180 Days of follow-up sale commissions (after someone clicks on your link)

We do ongoing marketing, including upsells and follow-up coupons, that increase sales (and your commissions) without you doing anything extra!

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Immediately after signing up, and once you are approved, you will be given your unique affiliate link, along with access to a growing treasure chest of affiliate links, banners, ads and other resources.

Important: Please do not purchase through your own affiliate link. These commissions will be reversed.

FAQs about our Affiliate Program:

Q. How do you know when someone buys through my link?

Affiliate tracking is done through the id code that is on your personal affiliate link. A cookie, a little snippet of code, goes on someone's browser after they have clicked on your affiliate link. This cookie has your affiliate id in it, so any time that person goes to one of our sites in the future and buys something – you get a commission! This includes any products we add in the future as well. The only time this won't work is if that person deletes all the cookies in their browser. That's why it's always good to remind your list of your recommendations and send news of new products and special offers. Stay cookied!

Q. How do I know when I've earned a commission?

When you sign up as an affiliate, you will have access to your own control panel where you can get affiliate tools and reports. You will be able to see all your stats for clicks and commissions. You will also receive an email whenever someone buys through one of your links.

Q. When will I get paid?

You will get paid on the 8th of each month (or the next weekday after) for the commissions earned in the previous month. The minimum payout is $30.00.

For any purchases in our Content Sparks Learning Center (our own courses and VIP Challenge membership), commissions are approved 30 days after each purchase/renewal and then the 8th of the following month. This is to allow for the refund period.

Q. Can I buy products through my own link to get a bigger discount?

Sorry, but it is not allowed to purchase through your own link. Also, you may not ask your family, friends, employees or others to buy products for your use through your own link. Your affiliate link is for referring friends, colleagues, customers, readers, or others who would benefit from using our content. Any purchases that you make through your own link will have the commissions reversed. This makes it fair for all affiliates, including yourself.

Q. Can anyone promote Content Sparks products?

Yes! As long as you have a PayPal account, you can sign up to be a Content Sparks affiliate. You are responsible for reporting your earnings yourself, depending on the tax and legal requirements where you live. The only exception is coupon sites or sites that have no relevance to our products at all (such as generic product review sites).

Q. What is the best way to promote Content Sparks products?

There are many ways to recommend our products and start earning money. Some of the most effective ways are to recommend relevant content to your list, promote special offers and sales to your list and in your websites, write a blog post about a subject related to one of the products and put your affiliate link in as a recommendation, put a banner ad on your site, post links to new content on Facebook and Twitter, make a short video or slideshow about how to use content with your affiliate link in the description – then post it to YouTube, share your own content marketing success story on your blog or elsewhere, or even interview me for a blog post (just email me your questions).

Another great way is to put your affiliate link in your email signature, giveaway reports and checklists, forum signatures, and resource boxes in articles. Check out the resources section in your affiliate control panel to see what tools we currently have available.

We will also provide updates and training in our private Content Sparks Affiliate Community on Facebook here:

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