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Meet the Bright Sparks and Discover How They Use Content Sparks Courses

If you're wondering how you can use brandable online course kits, then you'll love this interview series with the Bright Sparks. Read/listen to one of the interviews or all of them. You'll be amazed at what you can achieve when Content Sparks is part of your team.

Sarah Arrow

Sarah, based in the UK, is the owner of 2 digital academies that are the home to multiple courses. Sarah shares how she uses Content Sparks, and we get to see the lead magnet that generated 47k of subscribers as well as the inside of both her online course areas.

  • Prospect to Paying Client
  • Managing Sales Objections
  • Blogging Mastery

Mary Schiller

Mary owns her digital academy where she trains coaches in digital marketing skills so they can market their businesses. Based in Paris, Mary shares how she uses rebrandable materials in her business.

  • Time Management Course
  •  Email List From Scratch

Ken Krell

Ken, based in Australia, trains entrepreneurs on setting up and advancing their digital stage. In this high energy interview, you'll see how one piece of rebrandable content triggered a 6-figure course, and how it's being turned into a 7-figure business. In this must-watch interview, you'll be inspired and dare we say Kenergised?

  • Get Interviewed on Podcasts

Jane Kelly

Jane, based in France shares how she uses brandable content to help fill her membership site. You'll also get to see Jane's sales pages and how she uses Content Sparks material to grow her flourishing membership area.

  • Start a Work-from-Home Business
  • Blogging Mastery
  • How to Start an Online Store

Barbara Jemmott

Barb, based in Toronto, is a skilled business coach. In this interview, you'll discover how she uses Brandable Content to grow her coaching business and how she uses the content to serve entrepreneurs in her academy. Prepare to be amazed when you hear how much time Barb saves.

  • Create Your Business Growth Plan
  • Customer Lifecycle Marketing
  • Create Your Online course

Use Our Free Course Kit to Create an Online Course in Less Than 10 Days! 

Use the same content as our Bright Sparks to create your own, successful online course. Plus, we'll show you how to customize it for your audience!

Dave Sweney

Dave, based in Dubai, is using Content Sparks material to build a digital academy where his audience can get everything from a website to inspiration. Dave also shares how he helped Musos (Musicians) get online throughout the pandemic so they didn't lose their livelihoods.

  • How to Teach an Online Course
  • How to Create an Online Course
  • Launch and Market Your Online Course

Ophelia Marie

Ophelia is based in the US and is a song writer as well as web designer and marketing coach. She helps female entrepreneurs set up their own businesses. Discover how she packs out her consulting center with incredible training programs.

  • Promote & Market Your Business Book
  • How to Start a Work-From-Home Business
  • Rapid Results Marketing Formula
  • Fast Cash Strategies for Small Businesses

Ellen Finkelstein

Queen of the PowerPoint Presentation, Ellen Finkelstein is not only a superb trainer but she creates amazing courses to help changemakers start businesses that make the world a better place. You'll love how Ellen quickly makes a profit from her courses.

Al Jenson

Founder of the speaker's academy in Las Vegas, Al has worked all over the US helping speakers set up their speaking business so they're profitable.

  • The Power of Storytelling

Chris Gloss

Former veteran Chris is the first-ever Bright Spark and he helps entrepreneurs step out of their comfort zone and level up.

  • Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

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