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In today's online course success story in our Bright Sparks case study series, we meet Ken Krell. Ken helps entrepreneurs manage their digital stage. He “Kenergizes” his content and shares with us how he uses Content Sparks Content to grow his business to 7 figures and beyond! Ken shares how he is currently using the materials for a 6 figure launch.

Check out the interview video and transcript below:



Sarah Arrow

Hey, everyone, it's Sarah here from Team Sparks, and I'm really excited because we have the one, the only, the ultra- super fantastic Ken Krell here with us.

Sharyn and I are really, really excited because that man, right there on the screen… Looking around… is incredible when it comes to content. So stay tuned, grab your pen and paper take lots of notes because you're going to learn so much today. And as you can see, Ken has his pen and paper ready. I do love it when you're prepared. So give us a brief introduction, Ken, for anybody who's never met you before, tell them about you.

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Ken Krell

You guys are amazing. Just by way of introduction, I like to deliver ridiculously irresistible experiences for people and have people laughing and have fun and learn at the same time.

I've been doing that for years and years and I take it super seriously. We will have fun during the course of the time we're here together. But for, gosh, thirty-six or so years, I've been training entrepreneurs, business owners and aspiring investors to create wealth from all over the world.



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So on stages in the U.S., in London, throughout Asia, Canada, Australia, it's been the funnest thing ever. And when I began doing my own content years ago, that kind of began the saga that ultimately led me to Sharyn to the degree that my first course was a course, on bankruptcy. And I was experiencing it. Actually before that it was a credit course and I wasn't really sure how to put the course together. And so I found some pre written stuff. Bought the rights to it. In fact, the book wasn't even finished, but it gave me the impetus to go ahead and take it and customize it.

I call it Kenergising it. And then it became my own. In fact, there was a huge blur between where the soup stock began, you know, and I completed it. And again, I had some experience in that. So I was able to leverage that. There were things that could have been improved and so on. And I did. And that was the precursor. I think that was before Sharyn was ever born. But, you know. Well, you know, Sharyn, you're like 12 years old. You look great. So that really was the foundation for me going into content because I didn't have a combination of confidence, time and the comfort of knowing that I could create something that had a logical beginning, and end.

I'm an idea guy. I'm not necessarily told that I'm logical, although I believe I am. But getting things in terms of an order at that time anyway, I wasn't really I wasn't a course creator per se.


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I knew what I did because I was in the mortgage business. I was in the credit business, but I didn't really know the logical way to prepare that. And Bam! Out came Credit Rebound Academy. Credit Rebound institute years ago, all because of PLR.

But as you guys know, most of that prewritten content is crap, it's junk. And I've seen so much stuff come out of non-English speaking writers. Oh my goodness. And plagiarism. Oh my God. I found I got something years ago that if I'm going on too much of a tangent, just reel me back in. But I bought some PLR, some really cool stuff and there was some I forget what I think it was the the richest man in Babylon or something. And I'm reading this part again to Kenergize it, to edit it. And it was like my speech for when I was teaching for Harv Ecker, or it was all Harv Ecker, I mean, like word for word. And I was like, you guys have got to be kidding. Quickly they retreated on that. But there's that level of poor quality. And then there's, again, you can tell when someone's not English speaking as a primary language because the sentence structure isn't right. So not to take away from anyone that's not an English speaking, you know, they can think very clearly, but sentence construction and even colloquialisms and things that you would say in normal conversation just were really stilted. So either way, with that, you have to do the work twice.

You know, which is which makes it ultimately, you know, that doesn't really help, and then nine times out of ten, the content is so generic that it really is worthless.


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So it's refreshing to have Sharyn's product, the Content Sparks product, have a combination of incredibly timely subjects. I mean, sometimes I buy this stuff just because I want it and I'm going to share it with anybody else. I just want it for me because it's like really sexy and like Sharyn, as a matter of fact.

There you go again, smiley, smiley, smiley. She's just one big smile machine smile with a body attached to it.

So to that degree, it's really it's really great.


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You ask me what's my favorite course? I'm like, I don't know, because they're all so great and all depends upon my mood. You know, if I want to get somebody engaged, I might want the persuasive selling training, which I think is like in the archives now because it's been around for so long,  I've got stuff that's been around for 74 years.

When you initiated it, you know, every now and then, it's like, where's the download? Just click and where's the sales page? Oh, it's long gone. You know, we don't sell that anymore. Oh, thanks.

You know, but the topics are really engaging and oftentimes it'll do. And this may be not what you wanted me to say, but. Oh, here comes here comes watch out fasten your seatbelt ladies. Well, ladies,  I don't use it exactly as it's written. Oh, my God. I will take one piece out of one thing will be said another thing and make my own, which I encourage you guys to do.

For example… Sharyn kind of changed my whole life.

So Sharyn sent an email a few months ago, maybe last month or so about how to become a podcast guest. And I just finished doing Opportunitython. Producing Opportunitython and we do a lot of digital events. I mean, we create ridiculously irresistible digital events. We try to make it super fun. We want people to be engaged and we produce events for other people as well. So not only do I teach people to do it, but I also do it for others also.

I've been on stage for digital and physical forever. So since 2009, I'm on the digital stage, physical stage for 30 plus years anyway.


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So I just finished opportunity to 55 speakers, including the one the only incredible, the gorgeous, the smile machine herself, the one right below me on the screen, the incredible Sharyn Sheldon, one of 55 speakers over 20 and a half hours, live nonstop, set a world record. And she was a star. So I finish that.

She can't even say a word right now. She's like, what the heck is he doing?


Sharyn Sheldon

I'm gonna let you talk. You just keep talking. We're good.


Ken Krell

I just woke up, by the way. So I'm in Australia right now. Sharyn's in the U.S. and the Arrows, the incredible Sarah is somewhere else on the planet.


Ken Krell

Where are you anyway, Sarah? Exactly.


Sarah Arrow

I'm in Essex, just outside of London.


Ken Krell

Wonderful. OK, anyway, so I get this email from Sharyn on How to Get Interviewed on Podcasts. And I'm like, that's awesome. That's perfect for what I'm looking to do because people that want to have their own digital events need to promote them. What's the best way to promote them and what is a great training ground for them to be comfortable to be on the digital stage? Shazam, be a podcast guest.

So immediately pull out your credit card. Find the link, click that sucker… buy it…. by the way, that's a hint for every single one of you when you get an e-mail from Sharyn. Don't even look at it. Just get the thing out. Get your credit card out, hit the freaking button and say thank you Sharyn. And the video just like this. Thank you, Sharyn.


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So I bought it. You know, it was on sale for, like, you know, twenty seven cents. It you know, it just Sharyn so underpriced when she does her sales, you know, it was like really for the value going to get from it. It's stupid. It's like it was it was a stupid, stupid offer. If I didn't buy it, I would have been completely stupid.


Sarah Arrow

And just for the record, you will never get Content Sparks for 27 cents. Ken is just exaggerating and saying that low, OK.


Ken Krell

That was what my coupon code said. It's a twenty seven. Twenty nine cents, I forget.


Sarah Arrow

Are you like me? You edit your bill from the other half.


Ken Krell

And that's exactly what it was like.


Ken Krell

I got a really great deal on Content Sparks


Sharyn Sheldon

You were just doing some fancy math in there with a per piece sort of thing.


Ken Krell

Yeah, well it was like years ago I was a billionaire, but that was in Vietnamese dong. So, you know, which is worth, you know, a little bit. No, I think it was ninety seven dollars if memory serves. It was it was really superb, ridiculously inexpensive.

So I immediately got it and I crafted an entire five day challenge around that. So I didn't use it anyway that Sharyn originally had intended, at least, you know, in terms of the structure of what that was.


8 1


I use pieces of it. I think the biggest piece I use was actually that checklist that there is an Excel spreadsheet and it we can keep track of what podcast you're sending out your information to. I modified that a little bit, change the font and so on, put my own, my own branding on it and my people freaking loved it. You know, they love checklists, they love all this sort of stuff

So bam, you know, and that was done for me. Didn't have to think about it. That was just use it as it was. Just change the font, the rest of it I picked and chose. So you would never know that any of that came out of Content Sparks in fact what it did. And here's the thing. I think that's so, so cool about when you renamed it, Sparks because that's what it did.


5 1


It sparked my creativity to use it as an ideal leverage point. It inspired me to do something completely different from what that was.

But just having that did a couple of things. Number one, it provided some confidence. So it was like, OK, I got this, I got the content. There's a fallback. If I do nothing else I got to do is just like reorganize it, meaning change the font, put a logo on it, you know, maybe some photos in it or whatever. And it's done. I mean, it's done enough now. I will never advocate that you just do that because I think you shortchange yourself and you short change the product.

Also, I think really when I used the idea of a soup base earlier, that's really what I think that that's what it should be. So I took a bit of it. Not all of it. Not actually. Not a lot of it at all. But that wasn't the point. The point was it sparked everything. And what it created for me, OK, was a five-day challenge actually been having more of a seven day challenge, which was still not done with by the way, after we finished this recording, I have a Q&A session for my VIPs.

So let's talk money speaking, which I might be if you guys want to talk about me.


Sharyn Sheldon

Absolutely. What have you been doing with it? How are you using it in your business?


Ken Krell

Well, you know, I bought lemons for the for the water and I got my honey for the tea.


Sharyn Sheldon

Good start.


Ken Krell

But, yeah, it was you know, it was helpful. There was some new lights, so you can see me now rather than being fussy. Yeah.


6 1


So here's what happened. OK, I like them, I like the challenge model had not done one before and so I was inspired to do that. Use this as a foundation and I decided I want to bring in the heavy guns. So I called some friends and I had them come in as guests on the challenge. So I had the world's top podcast producer, Traci Hazzard.

She produces about 500 podcast a month. Well, number one Worldstar. Yes, she's amazing. And then I brought in Tracy Sandler, who books people on podcasts. So which is great, is now hiring both of them. One's going to produce my podcast. The other one's going to get me on stages. So now I tell people I'm in a Tracy sandwich. So, you know, all I do is show up now. But I had Jackie Lapin, who provides podcast opportunity, and that gives speakers a listing every month of what speaking were available mostly in the U.S. And I brought Scott Patten, who produces forty two podcasts, and the amazing Lin Rose, who's just off the charts incredible, who also helped me bring some of the folks in.

So and I had others, Melanie Benson and more. All those people helped support the entire product. And so I had some of the world's top people supporting this whole concept, which we charged a whopping fifty five bucks by podcast five days.

That's what we called it. It was actually originally called the five days to five podcast, but now it's called five days 5 podcast challenge. Then I realize a podcast truly is a digital event. So we moved it to the five days to five digital stages challenge for better segue to what our end result was going to be, which I'll get to in a second.

We charge fifty-five bucks, five days, five podcasts and we went out to affiliates. Should have asked you to help me promote this, but I would have been conflict with the PLR.

But our biggest, our biggest star was Joel Bower. Joel brought in over 100 people into that challenge and they were the perfect audience, by the way. We'll get to that in a sec. The up sell from from the fifty five bucks was one hundred ninety seven dollars. It was our VIP which gave him lifetime, which still does, give them lifetime access to the recordings. And there's a lot of recordings, far more than I anticipated, actually. It gave them 15 minutes with me and that wasn't intended either. But we originally were going to put the non-VIPs in a Facebook livestream and put everyone else in Zoom, but a combination of it being more technologically involved and they what to deal with that and more fun having everyone together. I said the hell with it. Let's just do something special, more special for the VIPs and give the regular the regular folks the better experience. And so the VIPs as a bonus for losing that benefit, if you will, got 15 minutes with me one on one, which is realistically, if we can stop laughing, it's worth thousands of dollars, you know, we've done a lot in those 15 minutes because I take those are like no B.S. sessions. It's like we can chit chat before or after, but fifteen minutes, that's the clock. And that's what you got. Because otherwise, it's like you you and I sharing fifteen minutes, it's like what time is it again?

I know it's like oh God what if I said no? So, so we did we give them that. I also gave them, check this out, I gave them a free guest spot. But when I free I'm not charging people but their own guest spot on the new podcast. So I'm bringing back my podcast from years ago called The Really Useful Show. And so now I've got, I don't know, like forty people or so that are VIP at this point.

My entire podcast is like scheduled out for the next year with guests. And I told them, I said, you guys have to be a good guest, which means I probably have to train you to be a great guest, because otherwise you're going to screw up my show. So the whole thing became very, very symbiotic. Right. And so that was one hundred ninety-seven dollars plus the fifty five. So we're now 252 for, you know, per person based on where where that went.

And we did this, you know, we did actually with seven days. We did an evening before like two days before on a Friday night. We did something the night before, we called that day minus one. And then we did five days of just fun stuff all following along the trajectory. And then I did two weekend bonus days with, I think it was six hours a day, six guests, kind of a hang out to support the sale of where we were leading everybody, which I was completely transparent about.


11 1


There was no surprise because we had a contest built into it. We had a viral contest for people to both share the event and also do the homework and show up. So they actually had to show up every day and do, what I call,  “home play”. They had a post on Facebook, they had to call their mother or someone they loved if the mother wasn't on the planet. Oh, yeah, for real. When we get more points and they were bananas over the points. Bananas, but that gave us engagement and they had a blast. Oh, man, they were crazy.

‘I didn't get my points for telegram!'

You know, it was insane. And I'm not making fun of anybody. It was adorable. And we had one grand prize winner who won a ten thousand dollar training with me. Absolutely worth ten grand.

I sold for five thousand dollars about six years ago and it was a mess back then. It was a mess because I was so disorganized. And it was like, that's why we have someone help you with curriculum design. It is now back in a much better way. And it's called Pride: Producing Ridiculously Irresistible Digital Events.  Pride.


12 1


I give them very, very special offer. Five thousand dollars is what it will go for once, you know, once we're done with this. But they're coming in for a fraction of that, a fraction of that. So now I can tell their case. I can have them be successful and have them share their stories, just like I'm sharing with yours. So we've got a bunch of people, that literally have what's worth thousands of dollars. I'm not sure I want to share that price because I don't want just disappointed in the future they could have had if they were on the challenge.

But let's just say it was a really, really good deal. And so this whole event has generated, I don't know, just in five days, tens of thousands of dollars. I'll leave it there. You know, we're not at that hundred grand point yet, but we're close.

So all that because Sharyn sent me an email, so Sharyn, it's all your fault


Sharyn Sheldon

It's all from one ninety-seven dollar course, which even if it were full price, two ninety seven.


Ken Krell

Oh my God, that's all?. That's illegal. I have no problem paying full price. I mean, again, what it did is it inspired me.  I did not use every page and every segment. I didn't need to. You don't have to. In fact, I encourage you not to. When people use it as is and simply just paste their logo on it, to me, that's really cheating.

To me, the really best use of Sharyn's material is really a way to get you going. And if you don't know the product, if you don't know the content, that's great. Use that and then bring a couple of experts in to help you out. But to me, like I said a couple of times, it's the soup base. It's the foundation that you build your branding on.

That's how I began with content. I'm not, I don't consider myself a content producer. Shame on you for accusing me of that. But having the foundation of it. And there's a comfort level there. I knew that I could do this and and use this and I would be OK because Mama Sharyn was there to help me There's your new nickname Mama Sharyn.

I'm in so much trouble now.


2 3

Sarah Arrow

I'm going to move you on before you get strung up and beaten.

So you mention that you Kenergize your PLR, can you give us a typical , say you've got a report and a small course. What would you do to Kenergize that? Have you turn that into something that you're really excited to sell to your audience?


Ken Krell

Well, first off, I put the new pictures in it because that's really important. So, yeah, you got to have graphics. Seriously I go through and I look at where we can be more specific because you need specifics and you need some more stories as well. So I want to add that I want to add my own personality. Some sometimes, you know, Sharyn's got to be beige because she's got to meet everybody's needs. I'm a little bit more multicolored, you know, so and sometimes even off color, which gets me in trouble.

But what I want to do, is be a little bit cheeky in the conversation. So I will go through, because I'm a writer and so I'll go through it. And just places where there's opportunities for me to go in and either add another sentence or change a few words.

I will change ‘we are' to ‘we're' you know, the way I talk. Language patterns I will shift and change so that it is my voice. People know my voice. And so if it's not your voice, people know it. Something like with email swipes.


13 1


When we were working on Opportunitython Sharyn's like, OK, give me the swipes.

And Sharyn shifted it around her way and she got great results. So that's what Kenergizing is for me. It's making it my personality. You know, I don't call it customising. I call it Kenergizing because that's my branding. And so, yeah, I will put photos in and no, I won't do nudes unless it's like a new grapefruit or something, if it's appropriate. You know, we talk about hospitality, but I will want to put things in there that do captivate the attention, that do inspire people, that do surprise and delight them because that's really critically important. I will change the formatting. Absolutely change the formatting to the branding that I use. Yeah, that's always important. So it's a combination of font, page size, how it all appears, logo, that type of thing.

On the PowerPoint that the Sharyn provides. I absolutely destroy those. I mean, it's nice that you use avantgarde. I appreciate that. Thank God you don't use that crappy Microsoft junk that they've got that whatever their default font is that someone should be shot for that thing. Whatever it's called, begins with a C.. It's horrible.


Sharyn Sheldon

Calibri, no?


14 1

Ken Krell

Oh, good Lord. Oh, please. That's horrible. I'm so offended by that font.

But anyway, at least the power points are nice. They're actually, frankly nicer than expected. But I'll take those and modify them and I'll take some of the graphics and modify them and some of the stick figures that Sharyn's got. I definitely get rid of those. But they're, you know, they're idea pieces.

You know, I'm not judging them, but their idea, their idea places, you know, so they go, that's not I don't use that style. Some people do. But again, the idea is that that content is my mind, is a spark for your creativity.

So, yeah, that goes and something else goes in or nothing goes in, you know, and sometimes Sharyn's got charts and graphs, and people love charts and graphs. So use them.

But again, go in and customize and there are few of them in the past, I forget, which of course it was Sharyn. But I went in and I was like, I could adjust the colors and I could adjust the percentages and stuff. It was like, thank you for doing this because I don't have to do that stuff. But it was already pre done, so it made it really, really easy to do so.

It doesn't matter whether you use all of it or just a little bit of it. Like I said, I use very little of it in in the five days to five digital stages challenge, but it may be tens of thousands of dollars, you know, close to it. But actually by the end, by the time it's over, it will have been a seven figure deal, no question about it, because once this whole funnel continues and we've sold, we've sold a bunch of of Pride trainings. Now we're doing webinars. We should talk about that because a lot of people will want to go to digital stages. So we should have a conversation. So there's that. We're going to do much webinars which are starting. We have another challenge coming up. Same challenge to a different audience, to authors this time. And then the event goes on to a three-day event and it will continue again and again, easily a seven-figure business. And then at that event, there'll probably be some kind of coaching or mastermind or whatever else.



So, yeah, this is a seven-figure launch in process, all because of Sharyn's email, a 97-dollar purchase of something that sparked my creativity to make this whole thing happen.


Sharyn Sheldon

Just to clarify, who's the audience for the first one?


Ken Krell

Speakers. Originally. Here's what I did and I would say I did it wrong and fixed it. It was originally speakers, authors, coaches, because those are people that really want to be on podcasts. And I heard someone say, wait a minute Ken, you've got plenty of speakers alone? Just go to speakers right now. And most speakers these days that were stage speakers have been displaced. You know, I mean, tens of thousands of them, like, what do I do? How do I do it? So to get them on podcasts, to start sharing their message is a great way to get them started.


16 1


And from the stage speaker mentality to now, we're going to go digital. And then from there, we ascend them up into having their own digital stage. So finally they can have their own event that they can, you know, be in charge of their own destiny and not be like, oh, gosh, I got to go for another gig somewhere and get in someone else's Zoom call why don't you have your own Zoom call. And so opportunity that came out of thin air, it came out of a meditation, this podcast or digital stage thing came out of an email from Sharyn Sheldon. So, you know, it was nothing before that, I created this from thin air. And so if I can do that, anybody, trust me, anybody can do that. And I've been doing this sort of stuff for 30 some odd years. So now I'm training people to do that, which, by the way, I found my groove. You know, what is the best content for me to deliver? Is this stuff is how to present digitally, how to take yourself and lift yourself up from despair and oh, this Covid thing is terrible and it is terrible. Important people, people that we love are dead because of it.

But at the end of the day, you can't be a victim of it. You just can't. You have to step up and really shine. And people are making more money right now than ever before because they're embracing this whole digital stage and embracing the whole idea of serving people digitally. And that's been your business for years anyway, Sharyn.

So this really can be your best year ever. And that's why I jumped into doing all this, because it really is. I mean, I am so hellbent on getting people and shaking them and saying, you know, do this and it works. So that's the whole piece behind all of it. So, yeah, you don't need to use much of any of Sharyn's stuff other than using it to grow your own ideas.

And she's got, good lord, if you look at the content, at the listing of everything she offers, I mean, I have to, like, STOP myself because it's like, I keep buying stuff.

And a lot of it I haven't used. But it's still there. It's sort of like, ymy favorite clothes, that I haven't worn in years. But I got them. I mean, the new one that's out this week, whatever it is, I'm like. No, Ken you can't do it now, it's not your focus. You know, it's really addictive. It's hard.


Sharyn Sheldon

That's the Low Cost Marketing Strategies one you're talking about.


Ken Krell

Well, that was one of them. But, yeah, that was that was it being last week. You have a new one out this week. That's something else.


Sharyn Sheldon

Oh, and this the one from the weekend. You're talking about the weekend specials, From Prospect to Paying Client. That's really good. But it's not a speakers thing.


Ken Krell

No, no, it's not. That's why I stopped myself. It's like this is inappropriate. I mean, honestly, know what your market is. Sharyn wants your money, but she also doesn't want it if you're not going to use it. You know, she wants these interviews. She wants your story. She just like me, wants to hear about your success. So don't buy and put it on the shelf. That's stupid. You know, use it to inspire people and then tell the story about it and then get them to tell their stories. You become more successful. Follow this model. It works.

And have two beautiful women to interview you and it's even better.


Sarah Arrow

You can come back again.


Sharyn Sheldon

Every time we need a little emotional boost. We're going to be calling you.


Ken Krell

I'm here to Kenergize you. What can I tell you.


Sarah Arrow

So Ken, we've heard so much stuff, and I'm really blown away by what you've shared with us. My next question is…


Ken Krell

Cme on, I'm really blown away by this, does not sound that…


Sarah Arrow

Sunshine, I'm British.


Ken Krell

There we go. Now that's blown away. Come on. Give me blown away.


Sarah Arrow

That was blown away. I was talking about this the other day… I will edit this but out.  I've got Sharyn's Rapid Results Marketing Formula and I've done a survey with my audience. I surveyed 5000 of them. I got 350 back. And I then told all the ones that didn't respond what lame arses they were…


Ken Krell

In a lovely British accent where they felt totally cherished and loved. Can you do that for me with some people that I want to spank? So because I'm originally from New York and my spanking man…


Sarah Arrow

They just don't get up.


Ken Krell

You know, I will not allow anyone to utter disempowering statements. I will not permit that. I had somebody to call yesterday and she was just saying, you know, really just just so not helpful stuff. And I was like, I am sick and tired of you doing that. We won’t to have that anymore. No, I'm not going to allow that. OK, you started asking me a question before I rudely interrupted you…


Sarah Arrow

I can't remember now


Sharyn Sheldon

That it was something about the Rapid Results Marketing.


Ken Krell

Sharyn remembers. Nothing gets by her, by the way. Sharyn is the most organized person I have ever worked with in my life. I feel like such a klutz and such an idiot when I work with her because she's like this, this, this, organize, organize, organize. And I'm like, yeah. And I feel like I'm letting her down so many times. And it's like we did this before Ken and she still likes me, I don't know how that's possible.


Sharyn Sheldon

Well you haven't seen my office.


Ken Krell

Let me tell you, it's perfect that backdrop. This is no lie, I had that experience about you. You were like so amazingly organized that I feel so, so not deserving. You are just right on top of everything. It's amazing. It really is.

And I'm going to tie this down. That's why. Listen to me carefully, ladies and gentlemen. That's why Content Sparks products are so incredibly good, because it's all there. Because you're so organized. She did it for you. So you people that are you creative types and you're all over the place. Right. And looks like a bomb exploded in your head. Sharyn Sheldon gives you something that actually brings it together that you can use in one place so that it's easy to use and it's organized.

You just follow the steps that she's got, customize it your own way and it's done, so stop thinking and start buying.

This is what makes Sharyn fun. She has a prim and proper thing about her right. But behind that pretty face, I'm telling you what, there is fifty shades of grey.

I'm in so much trouble now…

So I got all you guys laughing and now I'm going to reel it back in. This is important delivery stuff. And now I'm bringing this conversation back to make it serious, so that people get back into into the learning piece. That's important. Important in terms of delivery, seriously, is to get people engaged and have fun and be a little bit silly so that you take a little bit of the pressure out of the balloon. Right. And then bring it back in, so it really is a dance. And in your content, it's a dance too, which is why taking the raw material that we get from Sharyn and from Content Sparks, that's the grist for the mill, you know, that's the raw material.

And then we can play with it. And so you will want to have fun with people. You do want to engage them. You can get them to laugh and experience you that way. That's great. If you can do it in a podcast, if you can use it in a webinar. If you're going to use it in video sales, if you use it just strictly in content delivery, same idea. If you're boring, you're forgotten. You know, and you can't afford to, but you've got to be unique. My branding, you know, is that I'm the Kenergizer. My personality is such that I will have you guys needing, you know, needing diapers by the time you're done because you're laughing so much. That's part of what I do. You know, it's part of my nature. And it's why people either love me or hate me, you know, and that's fine. The haters can go their merry way.

But those that are inspired by that and get my heart and get my sincerity, will stay forever. Right. And that's now, the double edged sword of prewritten content or licensed content. People that miss the opportunity are the ones that that don't add their personality to it and make it their own and make it fun. You know, that's it. So, yeah, you may choose to edit some of this video out or you may choose to leave it in just to make the point of having fun with your audience, having them just fall in love with you or hate your guts, whichever way it goes, you know, but respect you because what you're delivering is fantastic content. That's really the critical piece. And so is it serious? Yeah, it's incredibly serious. But can serious be fun as well? Yes, because. Comedy is a business, standup is a business. Movies that make people laugh is a business. So you consider that to be super serious. I mean, I watched a video last night of the 25th anniversary of the movie Pretty Woman. It's old and it somehow just showed up on YouTube, in the next videos. But anyway, so I watched this interview and originally that movie was supposed to be a really sad movie about drug addiction, and thenthey sold the rights to Disney, who then brought in Gary Marshall, who is effectively, a comedy director. And then Julia Roberts was originally cast to play the role in the original movie which was called 300. She immediately lost her job when it went to Disney, then immediately got it back as Gary Marshall hired her. And then brought in Richard Gere and they turned it into a romantic comedy, which now, of course, is legendary. And it's what people remember from Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. It's just been one saga.

But that was comedy. You know, it was a romantic comedy, but it was a rom com.  Comedy sells,  engagement sells, making people happy, that experience sells. The leverage point of having the content to give you comfort, in fact, you might even use this as a tag line ‘content for comfort', because what it does, if you're wondering, or worried. How do  you deliver new stuff that you're not really comfortable with yet? There's your comfort.

There's your your life raft, if you will, to know that you've got this, you got this. Sharyn gave you all the foundational material that you can deliver something. Now, is it, 600 level if you're going to talk education, is it 600? No, it's not. It's foundation level for you to add your stuff.

And if you don't have your own stuff, then get stuff from other people that know more than you and have more experience than you. Bring in your team of experts. And you can because they're there and they want stages as well. So you bring them in to edify yourself. You now are a curator of incredible content, all based on the foundation of Sharyn's programming. That's cool stuff.

So you never doing this alone, if you don't want to, and now you can produce something far more amazing than you've ever imagined, even when you bought the product, when you invest in the product and probably more than Sharyn imagined when she built it because she built it with, you know, this this piece. But she also knows that there's crazy people like us that will do this. You know, and for me to be able to say, Sharyn, this 97 dollar product created a seven figure business for me. Thank you very much. You know, does that make you feel.


Sharyn Sheldon

Oh, it's awesome, that's the whole reason that we do this, is to be able to enable people like you to go out and build whole businesses and serve. You know, you're serving one audience and you're going to serve another and another and expand and grow. And these are people who are then helping others. So we're just starting that ripple effect and enabling you to go out and help more and more people.

So, yeah, I love seeing it. It makes me cry when it's just sitting on someone's computer because we put a lot into it.


Ken Krell

Like most like most of the stuff I bought from you.


Sharyn Sheldon

Sarah is going to have a question about that.


Ken Krell

It was just like that the bamboo waiting beneath the surface to finally go and explode, you know, that's what it was really it came down to it. It was something else. Oh, yeah.

Something else I want to address, too, if you and this is to the viewers, not to you guys. So you got to be quiet now. If you are thinking that investing in licensed content is cheating or wrong or in some manner, undesirable. I want you to think again, I want you to think about using it as an impetus, as a way to spark your creativity, to give you a foundation that you can use. Don't just cut and paste it. That's cheating. And people are going to get that. They know when it's not written by you. They know when it's not customized and really done with your heart. You have your heart signed into it. You can't just take Sharyn's heart and just give it to everybody else. It's her heart. You've got to use your heart, really. So it's completely cool to to take it and use it, model it to build your own. And it's a shortcut.

I don't know about you but I like shortcuts. I mean, to me, investing in the fast pass to Disney World. It's a really good investment.



And that's what this is. This is the fastpass to content creation. And so she's got a library of stuff, stuff that, by the way, is a very, very specific term. She has a library of stuff that you can use to build what content you want to deliver. And there's such a huge variety of that content that realistically, if you just pick up what Sharyn does not every month, because sometimes it doesn't fit you, but most months, honest to God, you've got a year's worth of material you have to create anything out of, what do I teach? It fits again, not everybody's audience, but if it's the right for the audience, you get yourself covered easily. She's now your curator of content creation. And all you now have to do is customize it. And can you use a team for that? You can. You can if you want to in terms of the details and finding stories. And that's what type of thing you can.

But again, make it your own thing and talk it, talk it through, because then you come out, then you record it, because when you start talking it through, you will embellish it. And that's the embellishment that' critical. It's like you guys go shopping for clothing. And me as a guy you go to to a suit shop, you want to buy a suit, you don't just walk out with a suit, you walk out with the tie, you walk out with the socks, you walk out with the briefs, you know, whatever.

You walk out with all that stuff, you know, same thing with women, right? You're going to shop. You buy a dress. Well, you have to have the earrings and you have to have the scarf and you have to have the matching shoes. You have to have all that stuff. It's designed that way. So this call this the dress, you know, call this the soup stock, when I make chicken soup sometimes don't even eat chicken, I put everything else in it and it's amazing. I start with great stock. And that's what this is, the great stock.


Sharyn Sheldon

So you've never gone shopping with me? Because I'm useless with that. So you say go into shop, come out. If I see it all put together, and this is the same idea, then I get ideas. I can't just pick and choose randomly. You have to see what the picture could be and then kind of change it.


Ken Krell

Or the good salesperson shows you the ensemble, you know, and you're going to buy everything.


How can people learn more about you? Where should we send them?

Connect with me on my facebook page – Ken Krell (Kenergizer) and the  My 5 Day Sprint  challenge page.




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Ken Krell

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