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Is Your Marketing Message Working?

It’s common for most coaches and consultants to put a lot of time and energy into creating the right marketing message. But unfortunately, many still struggle when it comes to ensuring their marketing messages resonate with their audience. They have a marketing message, but it isn't working

In this post, Content Sparks will share with you how find out if your marketing message isn't doing what it's supposed to do - leave your ideal customer saying "You're talking to me!".

There's also a download at the end of the post to help you "fix your marketing message". 

Is Your Marketing Message Clear?

When someone visits your website, do they understand what you do in a heartbeat? If they don't... your marketing message isn't clear.

When someone visits your website, do they understand what you do in a heartbeat? If they don't... your marketing message isn't clear. Here's how to fix it!

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Is your messaging long-winded, with clever words and jargon? If so, it's not clear. 

Step back from all you do, and take a long, hard look at your marketing message. Being too close to it can muddy things. It's not uncommon for coaches to excel at giving their clients complete clarity around their messaging, but get stuck themselves. 

Take a look at coach Mary Schiller's website home page.

Mary Schiller

Can you imagine what Mary does? That one sentence on Mary's home page is part of her marketing message, because it immediately resonates with any solopreneur that has dreams that want to come true. They'll also see that Mary is going to be fun and light-hearted to work with.

Are You Still Trying To Reach Everyone?

 Who is your audience? Who are your customers? Who are the people you'd love to work with? Do they know you are looking to work with them and transform their lives?

Trying to reach everyone is another common problem. Some people think that if they only work with one type of entrepreneur, they exclude everyone else. That's simply not true. When you speak to one person in your marketing message they will feel the connection and respond.

If you're a solopreneur looking for a coach, Mary is speaking to you. If you're an HR manager looking for a coach for your C-Suite then sure, Mary could help you... But, you'll have a conversation with her to find out if you're a fit. Because even if Mary specifies solopreneur, those of us who identify with other aspects of her message will still get in touch. That arc-welder looking for a coach? Well, he probably will be oblivious to the message - because it's not for him. Which leads nicely into...

Know Your Target Audience

Content Sparks Marketing Message

If you're here, the chances are you're a business coach. You have a coaching business and you want to help create lasting transformations in your clients. You want to have more online courses, you don't have the time to map out every aspect of your online course, and it's creating a block.

The chances are you've taken courses on how to create online courses already. The thing that's stopping you, the thing that's holding you back, is time. You're caught in the hamster wheel of trading your time for money, and you aren't building revenue in semi-passive ways. You don't feel you can create an online course because of the time investment. You worry that it could take a year to develop a course and it might not sell and your hard work will be wasted.

Now imagine never having to worry about creating course objectives, learning activities, and course materials ever again, because that's what happens when you work with Content Sparks. We do all the course research and build your course so that it can be delivered in any format - as an online course, as a live workshop, or in person. All you have to do is add 'you' and your course is ready to go on sale.

Did you see what happened there? I described my target audience to you, and if you're a member of my target audience, you'll feel the pull stronger than anyone else!  

Are Content Sparks customers only business coaches? No. We have trainers, consultants, marketing experts, and even web designers as part of our clientele. They're also attracted to semi-passive revenue. Knowing your target audience repels all the wrong people (hello arc-welders! We're talking to you!) and delights all of the right people, including you.

You're Offering The Same As Everyone Else

If you're a customer of Content Sparks, it might shock you to know there are other places you can buy brandable content. But you choose Content Sparks for a number of reasons:

  • Content created by instructional designers
  • Learning objectives that help your students manage their expectations
  • Action guides that are simple to customize
  • Learning aids developed to enhance memory retention and ensure implementation
  • Quizzes and other expansion packs
  • Challenges to help launch your online courses

When you purchase a Blaze pack from Content Sparks, you have all the materials you need to create and launch an online course. And if you don't need everything? You can purchase only the student materials or invest in just the lead generation materials. We have something that will easily fit your online course creation needs. 

Content Sparks is different from other brandable (PLR) content creators. What we offer you is unique and what you experience is unique, even though there are other people who do what we do.  We pride ourselves on creating content that doesn't need editing at all, but feel free to add a dash of your own personality. In fact, we make it easy for you to add in your own voice to the content.

Another wonderful thing about Content Sparks materials is that you can use them to teach yourself how to do something. Sarah Arrow shares this is how she has used brandable content in the past. You'll love that it's cost effective, because after you've taught yourself, you can turn the program into a course to teach others. You are a great example and case study for your own online course. So even if a thousand people purchase the same program, it will always be unique to you and your audience.

Content Sparks stands for premium online course materials that ignite your business growth. When you know what you stand for, your marketing message will stand out! 

When you know what you stand for, your marketing message will stand out! 

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Your Customers Don't Know What to Expect

When you work with Content Sparks, you know you're getting premium quality course materials that will save you hours. When you work with Mary, you know your dreams will come true. What do your customers expect from you?

When your customers know what to expect, your message will enter their ears and flow into their heart. Because the perfect marketing messages win hearts and minds. This means looking at how you describe your features and seeing if they convert into tangible benefits for your customer.

If your marketing message isn't captivating and resonating, then look at your customer's expectations. It's up to you to manage them and meet them - and it's easier than you think! 

Create Your Marketing Message

Teach yourself. Then teach your audience.

marketing Message Content Sparks

Your Customers Don't Know What to Do

See that blue box above? The one where it says "Create Your Marketing Message". It's hard to miss isn't it! 

It's a call to action. 

The CTA uses an action verb like “buy,” “subscribe,” “show,” or “click” to lead the visitor to take the desired action. 

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A highly effective CTA also reminds people of the benefit you offer, saying something like, “Teach yourself. Then teach your audience.”

By having a call to action that gets clicked it shows that your marketing message is both captivating and resonating. 

If you'd love to pack some power into your marketing message start with the "Create Your Marketing Message" online course kit. 

Your audience will love you, and you'll find this will be the online course your audience needs the most. Because if their marketing message isn't resonating then its not working.

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You are not limited to one call to action. Adding one to the P.S of your post, email or status update is a powerful thing to do. Try it and see for yourself. 

Create Your Marketing Message

Teach Yourself. Then teach your audience.

marketing Message Content Sparks


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