Course Creators: How to Package a Service With Your Course

You've created your online course. You've poured your heart and soul into marketing it, and you have a great rapport with your students... But you still aren't generating enough income to quit your day job and become the entrepreneur you've always dreamed of being. In this post we're going to explore how to make your online courses more profitable by packaging your course with additional value that also helps your students get better results. 

What Can You Add To Your Online Courses to Make Them More Profitable?

There are a few additions you can make to your online courses to not only make them more profitable, but to increase their perceived value. The four main options are:

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    Office Hours

Each option has it's own pros and cons for you to evaluate. To get the very best results from this article, remember to download the free planner at the bottom of the post.

Adding Coaching to Your Online Courses

Coaching is a powerful addition to many types of courses. For example, if you're teaching your students how to manage an aspect of their life or business, coaching is a great way to help them implement their new skills. 

The Pros of Adding Coaching to Your Online Courses

  • Students don't get stuck and quit
  • You uncover what your students really want
  • Students get better results and make more of an impact
  • Coaching can be very rewarding for you personally, and financially

The Cons of Adding Coaching to Your Online Courses

  • Can easily lead to scope creep and unpaid "done-for-you" work if not managed carefully
  • You may need to get an extra qualification or certification to offer coaching
  • Takes up more of your time
  • You need to be available at scheduled times, which may limit your own flexibility

Adding Community to Your Online Courses

Believe it or not, a community for your online course isn't compulsory. If you don't have a community for your online course, or you have yet to create one, here are the pros and cons

The Pros of Adding a Community to Your Online Courses

  • Encourages engagement and participation in your course
  • Enables your community to support each other and make life-long friendships
  • Facilitates a good learning experience
  • Brings opportunities for collaboration
  • Helps you find affiliates to market your course
  •  Makes getting testimonials for your sales pages easier
  • Cross-selling other courses or new courses is easier

The Cons of Adding a Community to Your Online Courses

  • Takes a lot of management and maybe an additional team member to moderate the community with you
  • Can "blow-up" in a negative way if not managed correctly
  • May attract competitors who are not interested in collaborating
  • Students mat not be active on the platform where you add your community
  • Could require more technical support

Adding Done-for-You to Your Online Courses

Imagine for a moment you have an online course on how to set up your Facebook group for social learning. You will have students who take the course, decide it's too much work for them, and would love to outsource this aspect. That's where the Done-for-You option comes in...

Pros of Adding Done For You to Your Online Courses

  • Gives your students exactly what they're looking for
  • Is an easy "upsell" for your course

Cons of Adding Done For You to Your Online Courses

  • Can be time consuming if you don't have a team
  • Can result in more "scope creep" if you're not clear about what's included in the DFY service

Adding Office Hours to Your Courses

Office Hours is where you, the teacher, meet your students and discuss the course materials and other challenges or issues related to your online course topic.

Pros of Adding Office Hours to Your Online Courses

  • Adds a live element to your online course
  • Leads to upsells like coaching or done-for-you services
  • You can build a stronger rapport with your students
  • Makes it easy to promote other courses and upsells to your students

Cons of Adding Office Hours to Your Online Courses

  • Requires a regular time commitment
  • Students can go wildly off-topic if they're not managed properly
  • People don't submit questions in advance, leaving you to spend time preparing discussion topics


Adding extras to your online courses can enhance your reputation as a teacher, as well as make creating future courses easier. At the same time, packaging your online courses in different ways, with a variety of options, accelerates your business growth and leads you to the lifestyle that you want.

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