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Creating a curriculum using rebrandable content is speedier than creating all of the content from scratch. The time you save creating a curriculum is time you can spend filling your online school or academy.

In the last post, you saw how Rachel would create her curriculum. Today it's my turn,  Get ready to be inspired! 

Meet Me, Sharyn

As CEO of Content Sparks, I love creating courses and seeing how they transform the lives of those who take them. When I started Content Sparks, I never knew how extensively it would grow and help coaches and consultants take that next step from delivering a one-off course to a comprehensive curriculum

What Courses Would You Pick for Your Online Course Academy?

1. Create Your Signature System

2. Create Your Ideal Customer Profile

3. Low Cost Marketing Strategies

4. On-Camera Video Basics

5. Launch & Market Your Online Course

Upsell: Content Sparks VIP Live

I'd also want to get the Upgrade Pack for Signature System, since it has a challenge I can use for attracting leads and building a relationship with them. I'd use the Module Quizzes in the upgrade to create more interaction in the course.

I'd probably bundle some of the courses together, like the Ideal Customer Profile one with the Signature System one. And then bundle the On-Camera Video course with the one on launching your course.

There are so many options, with great Expansion Packs and Upgrade Packs too. So I'd want to do more analysis of my target audience before committing to these few picks!

Why Did You Choose These Courses?

Anyone can share their proven processes if they know how to lay them out in a step-by-step format. That's what the Signature System course is all about. However, those same people often never earn anything from their program because they don't do enough marketing.

The courses I picked make a great curriculum because they help students get the most revenue from any program they create. They can put together a high-impact system and teach it to the ideal customer for that system. And then they can make some quick sales using low cost strategies.

But rather than stopping there, the curriculum has them learn a key skill for marketing (on-camera video) and then refocus on doing a launch again, delivering their system as an online course. And every time they re-launch their program, they'll get more and more sales. That's not to mention the feedback they'll get, with testimonials to increase conversions.

And to ensure that our customers get maximum value and encouragement, I always recommend they join Content Sparks VIP Live. On each call, our VIP customers can update us with their progress, and the entire group provides valuable insights.

What Online Course Platform Would You Choose?

The Content Sparks Learning Center is on Teachable. It integrates nicely with LeadPages and ActiveCampaign, plus Teachable enables me to keep track of our students progress. 

I also love the fact that Teachable is so easy to set up and deliver an online course. There are other platforms out there with more features and ability to customize, but I've found that course creators who are less techy end up wasting hours on all the little moving pieces on those. It's far better to get your course up, running, and helping people right away!

What Would The Investment Be for Your Academy?

One course would start at $99, and that would go up to $499. Then, I'd add an upsell for the VIP Live element, which is a monthly investment.  

When I have all the courses set up, I would run special offers to start attracting students. By offering an all-access pass for $797, I would also have a no-brainer offer, considering all the value inside!

How Would You Market Your New Academy?

Email! That's my favorite form of marketing since you can reach people directly and not be dependent on other people's platforms (like social media). I'm always working on building my list.

And here at Content Sparks, we always give our existing customers the very best offers. So if you're not a customer, sorry, it's going to cost you 20% extra. 

What Tips Do You Have For Our Readers?

Be really clear about who your ideal student is for your courses, and gather more info all the time.

With that information, you should always make your Content Sparks course content relevant. Use emotion to ensure it resonates with your target audience.

Finally remember to add in your stories and anecdotes so that the content is personalized for your audience. Adding you and your personality into the content makes it a special, unique experience for your students. There's no one else like you! 

Thank You for Reading

I hope you found my curriculum ideas inspiring! Will you choose the same courses as I did to build your online course curriculum, or would you add something different?

Thanks for your purchase from Content Sparks


Be Inspired

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