Course Creators: Ideas and Tips For Virtual Bootcamps!

Are you an online course creator thinking about running virtual bootcamps? If so, you're in the right place. Virtual Bootcamps are a pandemic success story. They're a way you can re-ignite your online course sales, or make your first online course sales. And if you don't already have an online course? Then creating your own virtual bootcamp is a fantastic starting point where you can help your audience achieve a big goal in a short period of time. 

But are they as easy as we say? 

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In this post, Content Sparks is going to share ideas for your virtual bootcamp to inspire you, and then you'll get 3 tips for running your own virtual bootcamp. Enjoy! 

P.S., if you're ready to teach a virtual bootcamp, just skip down to the bottom of the page to see what we have for you! 

Ideas for Virtual Bootcamps

If you have an online course (or want one), you'll love the thought of a virtual bootcamp. It requires less time, less planning, and less content creation than most online courses. Plus, your participants can get their work done and achieve their goal in as little as a weekend. Now sure what topics would be good for a bootcamp of your own? Browse through these ideas and see which ones inspire you! 

Ideas for Virtual Bootcamps
  • Guest Blogging Bootcamp - Every blogger needs to know how to make the most of guest blogging. You can even niche down further with a guest blogging bootcamp for lifestyle bloggers, guest blogging bootcamp for therapists, or guest blogging for photographers!
  • Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp - Would your audience like to make their first $100 as an affiliate? Again, this can be niched to an audience: affiliate marketing bootcamp for beauty bloggers or affiliate marketing bootcamp for Youtubers over 40.
  • Social Media Bootcamp - Does your audience need help with their social media? How about an Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile bootcamp, or Grow Your Facebook Page bootcamp, or Group Your Groups bootcamp.
  • Cool Copy Bootcamp - You can focus on teaching an aspect of copywriting to your audience. Sales Page Bootcamp or Product Copy Bootcamp are two very popular content ideas.
  • Become a Business Coach Bootcamp - Help your students get the basics in place to become a great business coach with a "Become a Business Coach" bootcamp, or do a bootcamp to master coaching skills.
  • Writing Skills Bootcamp - If you're a good writer, you can teach writing skills to your audience. Ideas: Business Letters bootcamp, or Business Emails bootcamp, or even the Author Page & Bio Bootcamp!

Want some extra ideas for virtual bootcamps?

We've put together 15 different industries and give you 3 ideas for bootcamps for each one. Just add your details below and we'll send them to you! 

And remember... All these bootcamp ideas can all be delivered virtually! 

Here at Content Sparks we specialize in creating incredible course materials. These can easily be turned into a Virtual Bootcamp to accelerate your business! You can download the materials and have something ready to present in less than 48 hours! 

Need the Content to Turn into A Brilliant Virtual Bootcamp?

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3 Tips to Ensure Your Virtual Bootcamps Are a Success

Believe it or not, your audience will already be familiar with the bootcamp concept. In fact, they might have already experience a real-world bootcamp in their local park where fitness bootcamps are often held. 

Virtual Bootcamps for Course Creators #1 - Be Very Specific!

Choose a topic that can be taught in a short period of time.

What do Keyword Research, Guest Blogging, and Structuring a Great Post have in common? They're great for virtual bootcamps when the audience is a blogger. A course might be too long and group coaching will have many tangents, so a virtual bootcamp fits these topics perfectly. They're things that can be pretty intense and have some complex moments, which is why a bootcamp is able to give fantastic results in a short time frame.

Virtual Bootcamps for Course Creators #2 - Expand your Audience

Like online courses, virtual bootcamps can have a broader audience than you would normally have when you market them. This is because someone sees it and thinks, "oooh, that looks interesting!". They see the virtual bootcamp as more than a taster session but less than a course or mastermind commitment. 

Virtual Bootcamps for Course Creators #3 - Define Your Goals Clearly

One of the best things about a virtual bootcamp is that it has clear goals about its purpose, so what your student can achieve during that time becomes very appealing! But it's not just about your students' goals and the goals for what you're teaching. You will also need to set your sales goals.

Creating a virtual bootcamp and marketing it is easier than your think with our course materials. Even if you've never done one before, you can easily use the material to create your own virtual bootcamp, and then teach the process to your students! 

Create Your High-Ticket Virtual Bootcamp

Teach Yourself. Then teach your audience.

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