5 Problems Freelancers Face

Do you help freelancers? Or perhaps you are a freelancer looking to have a more consistent, growing business? If so, then this article about the 5 problems freelancers face is just for you! We'll explore the 5 biggest challenges and give you some proven solutions. At the end of the post, we'll also share a way for you to help freelancers create a sustainable business!

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Freelancing Problem #1: Finding Enough Work

A common problem for a new or beginner freelancer is finding enough work. They often start with one client, possibly the company they used to work for, but that isn't enough to sustain them or achieve their goals. A good freelancer will find they get a lot of recommendations, but that doesn't help them in their immediate future. 

Some of the ways you can help freelancers find more work is by showing them:

  • How to set up their social media profiles properly
  • How to identify their ideal clients
  • Where their ideal clients are online and how to connect with them

Freelancing Problem #2: Getting a Handle on Finances

Freelancers tend to be diligent about applying their skills, but unless their superpower is finance, they often find it challenging to manage their finances. In fact, poor financial management can lead to freelancers closing their business. Early freelancers often undercharge for their services in the mistaken belief that it will solve their first freelancing problem: getting enough work.

Here are some of the things you can help freelancers with:

  • Setting the right rates for their freelance services
  • Selecting and using an accounting system
  • Creating measurable targets

Freelancing Problem #3: Setting Boundaries

Your freelancer's mom has just dropped by for coffee. She never did that when she worked in an office. Her dad rings up 3 or 4 times a day just for a chat. He's never done that before either. Family members drop in to see her unexpectedly... Seeing a pattern here? It's not just clients that need boundaries! Freelancers need to set boundaries with everyone to protect their work time and space. And you can help freelancers overcome this problem by helping them:

  • Choose the right office space
  • Explain to their family the rules of working as a freelancer
  • Suggest things families can do to help a freelancer (If they want too)

Freelancing Problem #4: Taxes

No matter where your freelancer is based, taxes can be a problem if the freelancer hasn't managed their taxes properly. You can help freelancers with their taxes by showing them:

  • Where to register for taxes (if needed)
  • How much to set aside for taxes. Hint if you're paid $33 per hour you can't spend $33. Some has to go towards their tax bill
  • Sales taxes, digital taxes, and other taxes your freelancer may not be aware of if they're working globally

Freelancing Problem # 5: Marketing a Freelance Business

Another issue freelancers face is marketing their freelance business on an ongoing basis. Because they're busy delivering the work, often freelancers forget to market themselves. 

You can help freelancers with their marketing by showing them:

  • How to develop a high-impact website
  • How to create a portfolio page and a testimonial page
  • How to build their social media presence

Problems freelancers face are not limited to the 5 that we've mentioned above. There are other challenges freelancers have to deal with, but you can help them tackle those challenges and build a thriving freelancing business that gives them the financial independence and freedom they dream of. 

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