10 Low-Content Product Ideas That Add More Revenue to Your Business

Stuck for low-content product ideas your market will love and want to buy?  We totally understand. As a business owner, you may be thinking that low-content products are all coloring books and crossword puzzles. This post will inspire you with plenty of ideas as well as show you how you can teach low-content product creation to your audience... 

When everyone is complaining about low content products but you...

We've pulled together a list of our favorite low-content product ideas that are easy and quick to create. These are products that people don't have to think to hard about before they buy, so they're easy to sell and bring in extra cash to your bottom line.

1. Journals

Journals are the perfect add-on to any coaching or training business.  They can be guided journals with questions and space for the answers, or they can be blank journals where you just design the cover and add lined pages with borders. Whichever type of journal you create, remember to add your business details to the back cover!

2. Planners

Here at Content Sparks, we're planner mad! Many of our courses come with fabulous planners to expand your courses. But you're not limited to just business planners. You can create student planners, family planners, pet planners... You name it and you'll find you can create a low-content product to help people plan it. 

3. Guest Books

If your clients offer seminars or face to face training events, then guest books are the perfect low-content books for you. Inside, make sure you leave enough space for messages, phone numbers, car registrations - any info you might need in order to contact someone at your event. Again, remember to add your business details on the back cover.

4. Coloring Books

Coloring is therapeutic. Clinical research has shown that adults who color are less stressed than adults who don't. You can find many different coloring books for grown-ups (we can't say adult or we will attract those looking for a different kind of coloring book). There are ones related to professions, trades, and moms. If there's pressure, there's a coloring book that will help you back to happiness. Modern coloring books can contain geometric shapes, mandalas, and other images. Some even contain just words that you can color. Art as therapy has never been so popular! 

5. Puzzle Books

Why is the world attracted to Wordle right now? Because we all love a puzzle. From crosswords to Sudoku, you'll find puzzle books appeal to all ages and abilities. Puzzle books can be simple stress-relievers or complex, torture devices. The choice is yours.

6. Word Search Books

Want to test your students knowledge without a quiz? A low-content book containing Word searches would be an excellent alternative. These are especially useful for people learning languages as well as for testing knowledge.

7. Diaries

Diaries are perfect when targeting a niche like moms, grandmas, dads, yoga teachers, pet lovers... With a little research, you'll find an undated diary with a gorgeous cover will sell all year round!

8. Doodle Books

Like a journal, a doodle book can be guided. For example, draw a sunflower or just bordered spaces to contain the doodles. If you are feeling really daring you can add a coloring border to the pages so someone can color and doodle. 

9. Notebooks

A gorgeous cover goes a long way when it comes to low-content books, In fact, a great cover will sell 10x more books than one with a great interior but a ho-hum cover. We buy with our eyes!

10. Habit Trackers

Want to change a habit? Cultivate a new one? Then you need a habit tracker. These popular low-content books keep people focused and on-track.

Next Steps...

So, there are quick 10 low-content product ideas you can turn into profitable revenue streams for your business. Once you have a few basic low-content products launched, the next step is to combine them to create an even more impactful low-content product series.

And how about teaching others how to create these easy revenue-generating goodies? Check out our white label, ready-to-teach course kit...

Low-Content Product Bootcamp

Teach Yourself. Then teach your audience.

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