3 Funnels Every Coach Needs For Their Business


As a coach you want to attract clients and grow your business. To do this most effectively, you need to map out your sales funnel and what happens at each point in that process. We call this mapping out your "offer funnel". And there are three funnels for coaches that you need to put in place to truly maximize your sales.

But what exactly is an offer funnel, and what goes into it? 

In this blog post, I'll share with you what the three key sales funnels of offers looks like, and how they help coaches like you attract clients and grow your business! 

An offer funnel is simply a series of offers you present to your audience, and the process that happens when they say yes (or no) to each offer. The first offer funnel we'll share with you is the offer funnel that every single coach should have, in fact you may have it already!

Offer Funnel #1: Gift in Exchange for Your Email Address

In this type of funnel, you offer a simple lead magnet or training and, in return, the other person gives you their email address. The more specific you are with your lead magnet, the more attractive it will be for your ideal clients. Once your ideal client has given you their email address, you send the lead magnet either via email or a thank you page. You then follow up by email with an introduction to yourself, and then further emails that build towards how you can help them with their problems. 

This is the most basic offer funnel a coach needs to grow their business.

Lead Magnet Offer Funnel

You're not giving away something for free here. It's an energetic exchange: your knowledge and wisdom for the right to communicate and help someone. 

Once your ideal client joins your email list, they become a subscriber. Subscribers read your content, watch your videos, and grow into your community. This is known as indoctrination. Subscribers are not hostages. They can leave at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in the emails. This means you have to offer subscribers value and take their feedback on board if they're your ideal clients.

Offer Funnel #2: Low Content/Low Ticket Product

In this second funnel for coaches, you offer a smaller, low content product at a lower price in order to break the psychological barrier to buying. Usually priced between $7 and $27, this product has to be incredibly useful to your ideal client. It can be a planner, a series of checklists or cheat sheets, or something else that will convert the subscriber into a buyer. This type of offer funnel can be run straight after the welcome/download of the lead magnet or when you are preparing for a launch and want to warm up your audience!

Low Content Product Offer 1

Once someone buys something from you once, they're likely to buy from you again if the transaction was a smooth experience. 

 Offer Funnel #3: High Ticket Offer

A high-ticket offer is your premium offer. This might be something that involves a larger launch where you also have affiliates promoting your offer. Out of the three types of funnels for coaches mentioned in this post, this is possibly the most complex one. It's also the one coaches fear as it can result in a lot of unsubscribes who are not yet ready to invest in themselves. 

high ticket offer funnel 1

A high-ticket offer is usually driven by email, with webinars and livestreams supporting the email content. The goal is to encourage the subscriber to visit the sales page to review your high-ticket offer. The sales page encourages the reader to become a client.

Now, we value honesty and integrity here at Content Sparks, and that includes sharing hard truths. You can have a profitable business with just the first offer funnel. You'll have a better one with all three. But if you only have the brain capacity and energy to have one sales funnel, make sure it's the first one in this article. You can grow into all the other types of offer funnels when you're ready.

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