Low-Ticket Offers: Should You Add Them to Your Sales Funnel?


Can low-ticket offers still be high value? And what exactly is a low-ticket offer? If you're wondering about whether you should be creating low-ticket offers, also called front-end offers and self-liquidating offers, then, this post is for you. We're going to dig deep... Ready? Let's Go...

What Is a Low-Ticket Offer?

A low-ticket offer is an offer that you present to your audience that's typically less than $50. The main purpose of low-ticket offers is to create an email list of buyers, which is the most valuable email list you will ever own. When someone has purchased from you once, they're more likely to purchase from you again. And since the cost of retaining a customer is significantly lower than finding a new one...

This means your business becomes more profitable and your email list is filled with people who want what you sell!

What Goes into a Low-Ticket Offer?

Just because your offer is a lower price doesn't mean it's not high value. Low-ticket isn't about giving restricted access to something to try it out. It's a complete solution that gives your audience a tangible result. You're solving ONE small problem, not a bunch of issues. 

Low-Ticket Offer Examples Include:

  • Ebooks
  • Templates
  • Mini-courses
  • Checklists
  • Journals
  • Planners
  • ...and more

You're not limited to one format; you can have a video and an ebook. Or a mini-course and some templates. The main thing a low-ticket offer does is deal with an immediate pain-point that your ideal customer is experiencing. 

Where Do Low-Ticket Offers Fit in Sales Funnels?

Great question! Your low-ticket offer can be the entry point in a sales funnel. It can be the follow-up to a lead magnet. It can even be something that you introduce as a flash sale several times a year. As offers go, this is incredibly flexible and can also be used to introduce your high-ticket offers to your new-found audience. 

Do They Have to Be a Small Investment?

Often when you're packing in the value into your low ticket offer, you realize this is something you could sell easily for $197 or more. However, low ticket offers are defined by their insane value for a low price. So yes, they should be a small investment for your ideal customer to make. And yes, it may be worth a lot more and that's good. 

Working Out the Low-Ticket Offer Numbers

Whenever you're putting together an offer, you need to examine your ROI and work out some numbers to help motivate your sales. But the secret to low ticket offers is that your income doesn't always come from the offer itself! Here are some examples...

Say your audience size is...

Email List - 1,000 people

+ Social Media Group - 1,000 people

+ Social Media Following - 2,000 people

= Audience Size of 4,000 people in total.

If your Low-Ticket Offer is $37, here's what you can bring in:

  • 10% sales from your audience = 400 sales x $37 =$14,800 
  • 5% sales from your audience = 200 sales x $37 = $7,400
  • 3% sales from your audience = 120 Sales x 37 = $4,440


  • Any affiliate revenues from the recommendations you make in your low-ticket offer. 
  • AND... Any high-ticket sales you make in your follow up emails

So, if your low-ticket offer is Canva templates for your audience, you can earn an additional $200 a month by recommending the premium version of Canva via an affiliate link. 

In your email follow-ups, if you promote your mastermind at $997 for 6 weeks, and you have people take you up on this, then you've earned another $5,982!

Making your total income for one promotional cycle:

  • 10% sales = $20,782
  • 5% sales = $13,382
  • 3% sales = $10,382

Remember, you still have to deduct any expenses like outsourcing and advertising, but even then... low-ticket offers can be very profitable!

The Best Way to Learn Low-Ticket Offers?

The best way to learn how to create profitable low-ticket offers is to teach it.

That's right, if you teach the topic, you'll find your audience will want to follow along, step-by-step, and compare their results with yours. So let Content Sparks help you with this...

Low-Ticket Offers Lab

Teach Yourself. Then teach your audience.

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