How Do You Teach Mindsets?

As a coach, you know how important your mindset is. Not just for your business growth, but for your personal growth. Mindset is where business and personal collide and grow into something bigger, something better - something powerful. 

A growth mindset is essential. If you don't have this, you don't believe in yourself and you'll find yourself questioning every decision ever made.  But how do you teach mindsets, especially when it comes to adults?

How do you teach mindsets?

And you can't just say to your students, "Stop questioning yourself". Well, you can say that, but it's not actionable advice. You're not coaching someone to understand their problem, and create the solution. 

One of the mindset tools you can use as a coach is "reframing". 

Reframing is where you put a different spin on something that's weighing on your mind. Imagine for a moment that you've failed your driving test. Instead of thinking of it as the end of the world, and of course your freedom. Think of it as a small roadblock to your future success. Think that a few more lessons will ensure you're safer on the road, and that passing for you isn't a lucky break or a fluke, but a hard won right . 

Reframing isn't the only tool you use to teach mindset to your students.

Reflection is an important action that's often missed. When you reflect upon something with a growth mindset, you find the hidden opportunities. In fact, when you reflect on anything with anyone who had the top 5 strategic mindsets, you'll find new opportunities. 

Teaching mindset isn't easy.

Often, when teaching, students want to hide their patterns of thinking.  This is because they're stuck in a pattern of fixed mindset. They don't want to feel shame or sad for decisions they've made in the past. And telling them to stop being a victim, or to take responsibility won't change this. 

The way you help your students change is by taking small, but powerful actions.

The first transformation to make is to change their mindset on learning. When you focus on what's learned rather than output or ROI, your student starts to feel empowered. That's one small change. Of course, you don't ignore the results, but the emphasis shifts from what you get to what you learn. It's a subtle yet powerful action. You'll see this in action on all of our white label course pages. You'll notice we focus heavily on the modules, and what you learn from each section. 

We don't avoid the expected results, and all of our course content contains learning objectives so your students' expectations are managed properly. Combined with the mindset shift around learning, you'll find our courses easier to teach and your students will find them easy to get results from! 

Embrace your mistakes.

This is an important part of a growth mindset. You cannot avoid either making mistakes or not talking about the ones you've made. This keeps you out of the growth mindset zone and stuck in the fixed mindset realm.  Sharing your mistakes after you've reflected and reframed them builds an amazing connection with your audience; they find you relatable. 

When you teach mindset to your students, you'll see the epiphanies on their faces! One small change to their mindset and they can connect with their audience in a way that's eluded them in the past!

Having read this far, I'm sure you're thinking about what you can do to create a mindset course to teach your students. 

Look no further, we have just the thing for you!

But, before we show it to you how you can teach mindsets, you need some mindset shifts of your own around white label content.

Fixed Mindset About White Label Courses

  • Everyone has the same content, someone will know I've purchased mine.
  • Everyone has the same content so no one will learn anything new!
  • Aren't white label courses for those who don't really know the content and can't create it themselves?

Growth Mindset About White Label Courses

  • Teachers use the same content to teach in schools, and they then put their own unique spin on it. I'm doing the same.
  • I love that I save hours to have a properly structured course that not only reduces refunds, but also helps my students get results.
  • White label courses enable me to save hours of valuable time so I can focus on my own growth mindset.

If you're more aligned with the growth mindset column, you'll love this Mindset Mastery White Label Course!

Mindset Mastery

Teach Yourself. Then teach your audience.

Mindset Mastery

Mindset changes happen really quickly and easily when you teach mindset the right way. We've made things easier for you with our Mindset Mastery course. Take a look, see how you can boost your own mindset, then get ready to transform the lives of your students!

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