137 Power Words for High-Converting Copy that Sells

Do you ever find yourself searching for just the right word to jazz up your sales copy?

Or maybe you want to know what words would work best in a headline – a headline that catches people's attention and gets them to read your content.


Even better, what about words that really persuade people to take action – whether it's to buy a product, provide their email address, or just click through to a blog post?

So how can you do this?

By adding power words.

Power words are words that trigger an emotional response in the reader. By adding the right power words at the right time to your sales copy you can encourage your readers to take action and boost your conversion rates.

We did some research and came up with a list of essential words that you need to know – words that expert copywriters rely on to power up their copy.

We have included the most influential words from the father of advertising, David Ogilvy:

“The headlines which work best are those which promise the reader a benefit” – David Ogilvy

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Phrases for exclusivity from author and CEO of CoSchedule, Garrett Moon:

”Exclusivity makes people want something. If they can’t have it, they want it all the more.” – Garrett Moon

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and some words to get your content shared on social media by author and entrepreneur, Neil Patel:

”You need to understand why the words are persuasive and be able to use them in the context that works for your audience and business.” – Neil Patel

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and don't forget:

“8 out of 10 people will read your headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest” – Copyblogger

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You can read more on how to write a killer headline here.

We have updated the list to 137 words that you need to know. Print it out and keep it handy for whenever you have to write sales copy.

You can download it right here:

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