12 Tips for Creating Visually Enticing Content

    Tips for Creating Visually Enticing Content

    Have you ever landed on a page and were greeted by a big long block of text?

    …and then left.

    I've done it more times than I can count. Who has time to sift through and try to figure out what the key points are?

    They made me do that in college. I don't need to be forced to now.

    Your content should be easy to skim, easy to pick out the key ideas and spot the highlights.

    It should NOT be hard work.

    If your readers like what they see at first glance, then they'll decide whether they want to read the detail…or not.

    That said, we put together a slideshow that gives you 12 tips for creating visually enticing content.  

    Follow these tips and provide good content. Then you'll attract the readers who want what you have to offer.

    Here's another tip:

    Slideshows are a great way to force you to pull out key points for your readers.

    And they're also a media format that's become more and more popular, as you'll find if you start posting good content on Slideshare.

    Short on content?

    We pulled the tips for this slideshow from our customizable course on Copywriting 101. No need to create everything from scratch 🙂

    Here's the link if you want to create your own content on copywriting:

    ==> Copywriting 101 – Tips and Formulas for Writing Words that Convert



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  • These are truly the basics of good copywriting.
    Thanks for the refresher course.
    By the way, they work for sales persuasion as well as blog posts. And, I always forget about SlideShare. Thanks for that reminder as well!
    — Linda

    • Hi Linda,
      I’m so glad they helped! And they’re good for pretty much anything – emails, presentation titles, book titles, etc.
      Slideshare doesn’t get nearly enough press. You can even add hyperlinks after a certain number of slides 🙂

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