6 Types of Social Proof That Increase Conversions

What's the key to getting people to buy from you?

 What flicks that switch in their mind and moves them from ‘maybe' to ‘yes'? The biggest key may well be something called ‘social proof'.

Here's what Kissmetrics says about the importance of social proof in marketing:

Smart marketers know that social proof is the marketing tactic for easing the minds of worried customers.

Consumers are savvier than ever when it comes to researching and informing themselves before making a purchase decision. But all that information is also overwhelming.

Social Proof 3d

Why Social Proof?

The easy decision comes when you can provide positive proof that your product or service gets results and that real people like what you have to offer.

The following infographic summarizes some different types of social proof that you should think about using in your own business:

Social Proof infographic

Here's the text version of the graphic above

6 Types of Social Proof:

1. The Wisdom of Crowds

This type of social proof relies on the sheer power of numbers. These people aren't necessarily your friends, experts you know, professionals, or anybody else in particular.

2. People Like You

Some social proof relies on showing you the approval of people who are similar to you. It draws a link between you and your preferences, and the preferences of others.

3. Circle of Friends

A similar source of social proof is your own circle of friends. Rather than being the same type of person or a person who took the same action as you, this method uses your actual friends.

4. Users and Customers

The word of a former customer who has actually purchased and used the product is very influential. It's like a personal reference.

5. Experts

Using an expert for social proof is a great way to engender trust. An expert isn't just a friend or past user, but someone who really knows the field well.

6. Celebrities

When celebrities lend their name or face to a product, it works a great deal like an expert testimony. The product absorbs some of the celebrity's appeal, so it must be someone the audience really loves.

Obviously, not every type of social proof is going to be relevant to your business. So look through each and think about where you could obtain some of this proof right now.

Then make a plan and start asking people directly for their results stories, and be prepared to capture good reviews, testimonials, social media comments and other social proof whenever it comes up.

Social Proof Strategies

Want to learn more about Social Proof and teach others how to harness its power? You can set up your own list building freebie, short course, webinar, ebook and more with our rebrandable training course, ‘Social Proof Strategies'.

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