19 Topic Ideas for Your Next Email (plus 33 more)

19 Topic Ideas for Your Next Email

You've set up your lead magnet and opt-in page. You've started attracting new subscribers to your email list. Fantastic! But now what? You've planned a few initial emails as part of a sales funnel, but what should you email about next?

If you want to build a profitable relationship with your list, you have to send regular emails. Otherwise, they'll forget that you exist. And when you decide to reappear, you'll get more unsubscribes than the increased sales you aimed for.

Emailing on a consistent schedule is where most failed email marketers drop the ball.

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Keeping up a steady supply of email ideas is one of their biggest challenges. Often, figuring out the reason to approach your list can be the hardest part of email marketing.

To help get your email creativity juiced up, we’ve put together a list of a few topic ideas for your next emails. These will give you an ‘excuse’ to email your list.

But, you should first have a good idea of your email marketing goals. What do you want your subscribers to do?

We’ve identified three common goals and categorized the topic ideas for you. Go ahead and pick a few to start planning your next email.

Goal 1: Establish Your Reputation as an Expert

The chances are the newer additions to your list have no idea who you are. Your first job is to develop a connection with them, so that they trust your advice. Start by creating emails that will remind them of why they signed up for your list in the first place. Show them you're an expert by helping them immediately.

Something You’ve Learned Recently

You can show your followers that you're a great source of information by sharing what you learn. But don't inundate them with reminders of how great you are. Try to build your expert reputation with subtlety. Tell them about something you came across that ‘they might appreciate learning about’. That way, you’re considerate, knowledgeable, and not bragging.

A Guest Post You Published

Let subscribers know when you’ve published an article on another website or blog. Sharing your guest post has two major benefits. First, it's more content that will interest them. Second, it shows them that your expertise is in demand. You’re a voice to listen to.

Social Media Updates

Your reputation doesn’t stop at your subscribers' inbox. They are a targeted audience to promote your presence on social media also. For example, a positive following on Facebook is powerful when prospects come calling. Let subscribers know if you’ve made updates to your social media profiles or are planning to go live. Then invite them to comment and share.

A Mistake You Made

Afraid of what your subscribers will think of you when you mess up? Actually, letting them know about it can build a deeper relationship. Showing potential customers that you’re only human makes you more trustworthy. You establish an emotional connection when someone can relate to you. And we all make mistakes, after all. But don't make it a habit!

A Customer Success Story

Your subscribers don't have to relate to only you. Take things a step further by sharing success stories from similar customers. Your subscribers will feel more confident in you, since you’ve already delivered. They’ll also picture themselves in your successful customers' shoes. And that's when your sales can skyrocket.

Share Freebies or Resources

Think about how many list emails you receive that you are actually happy to see land in your inbox. It’s quite likely that the majority of those are emails that actually give you something. Use this technique with your own subscribers to make them excited to receive an email from you. Share lists of resources you think they could use, or links to freebies that might interest them.

Goal 2: Build Lasting Relationships

lasting relationship

Your first emails establish your relationship as an expert. But then, it’s important to develop long-term relationships with your subscribers. One way is to make sure your followers trust both your advice AND your actions. Most businesses rely on repeat business. So it’s worth taking the time to stay attuned to your followers’ needs and show them you care. Use these next email ideas to build up your relationship so that it lasts.

Requests for Feedback

Let your subscribers know that what they think or feel is important to you by asking them for feedback. Make it easy for them to share their opinion on specific topics and you’ll get some great information. Try giving them an incentive to respond bye by offering a valuable discount or freebie.

Feedback Results

Follow-up your feedback request by sharing the results. When people have taken the time to give feedback, they'll want to hear what others said. Don’t forget to include how you’ll incorporate their ideas or make changes based on their opinions.

New Blog Posts

Let subscribers know when you’ve put together a new blog post that might interest them. If you have several lists, tailor these emails according to their relevance. For example, if you’ve written a post on how to use a new product, send your email to those who have recently purchased.

You’re Planning on Being Away

Inviting subscribers to a small insight into your life can also help them to form a connection with you. If you’re planning a trip, then let them know. If you’re lucky enough to have a list of people interested, you might even follow-up with photos after your trip. You might even be able to meet up with some customers wherever you’re going, such as at an industry conference!

Restate Your Unique Value Proposition

If you have subscribers who have been on your list for a while, remind them of why they signed up. One way to do this is to share your Unique Value Proposition again. Why did they sign up? Why should they buy from you? If you’ve made any changes to your value proposition since your subscribers signed up, let them know why..

Customer Questions

Invite and answer customer questions that might help your other subscribers too. This type of content is particularly pertinent to those who are on the fence about buying. Look for questions relevant to most subscribers. They might have been too busy or afraid to ask. Or they haven't even thought of that question yet, in which case you're answering it in advance.


People open emails with freebies and gifts, and contests have the same effect. Interactive contests in particular can generate email conversations with subscribers. Think about what you can offer that people would want to win, and make sure they know about it in your emails.

Goal 3: Educate about Your Products and Services

It's not always obvious how your product or service is best used, even if it's a simple one. By sharing tips and helping people use their purchases, you increase their value. Tailor these emails to people who have recently purchased something. You can also send these types of emails to people who show interest and need more to make a buying decision.

Common Mistakes (and How to Correct Them)

Compile a list of the things that can go wrong with your product or service. Create tutorials, or simple step-by-steps on how to fix them. People are often reluctant to seek help and will give up, never to return. Avoid this scenario by making things as easy as possible. Remind them that they’re not alone.

Dispel Market Myths

Your business is dependent on not only your success, but also the success of the industry. If there’s an elephant in the room, address it. This is particularly important for industry related news and progress. If there's news that affects your business, discuss it before it gets out of your control.

New Products or Services

When you release something new, it’s an obvious step to let your list know about it. What’s not always so obvious is the amount of information to include in the release email. Tell them what to expect and what they need to know. Find a balance between overwhelm and giving enough information to take the next step.

How to Do Something

An email explaining step-by-step how to perform a task with a product will help avoid mistakes. This can cover typical tasks or functions your product/service can do. Or, it could be an exclusive feature that most don’t yet know about.

Informative Reports

Make use of all that content you've created in the past by putting relevant pieces together. Blog posts, tutorials, infographics and other informative content can get lost in archives. A structured report of that content makes it easy for followers to find it. You’ll not only save time answering questions, you’ll have another valuable freebie to share.

Video Content

Including links to video content in your emails is one of the best ways to tick many boxes at once. With video, you can build on your expert reputation by teaching. You can also work on your relationship with subscribers by giving them a better idea of who you are. They learn from you AND they see the real you. Finally, use the video opportunity to address some issues customers ask about often.

Creating quality content on a consistent basis is key to a successful email list. People will see your email and expect to receive valuable information. So make sure you always deliver. Use these ideas as your starting point to develop an email content calendar. Then make a plan you can reel out and tailor to meet each one of your customers’ needs, whatever they might be.

Want a quick list of email topic ideas you can draw from all year long?

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