How to Promote Your Free Kindle Book

You’ve written a book – the hard part is over and done with. Your next challenge is marketing your business book. If you’ve published on Kindle and enrolled in their KDP program, you’ll know you have 5 days every 90-day period where you can give away your book for free.

The Advantages of Promoting Your Free Book

Amazon loves books that have reviews, because those reviews help the customer make a buying decision. Obviously, you want people to buy your book, so use your free book promotional period to generate reviews for your book.

Also, all the free downloads help make your book accelerate up the charts. If you break into the top 100 free books, you will get thousands of downloads. This means Amazon will start promoting your book to its customers! If you organize your free book promotion properly, you’ll find that Amazon will email its customers about your book. At the end of the promotion, you can make thousands in sales.

So how do you get as many downloads as possible?

This list contains 50 different places you can share your free book to start generating downloads:

  24. – 
  37. Free Kindle Books FB group
  38. Free Bookclub
  39. Free Kindle Book Club
  40. Free Kindle Books
  42. Free books for Kindle UK
  43. Today's free Kindle Books
  44. Free ebooks and tips

Promoting Your Free Kindle Book Using Social Media

Here are 10 of the most popular hashtags for sharing links to your free Kindle book. Remember, if you are on Instagram you can use all of these hashtags in one post. If you are sharing your link on Twitter, use just 2 or 3 of them at a time. Remember when promoting your free book on Twitter to post 5 or 6 times throughout the day.

  1. #Amazon
  2. #eBook
  3. #BookBuzzr
  4. #BookGiveaway
  5. #BookMarketing
  6. #Kindle
  7. #KindleBargain
  8. #KPD (Kindle Publishing Direct)
  9. #WLCFreeToday
  10. #FreeKindleReads

Promoting Your Free Kindle Book on LinkedIn

The best strategy for promoting your free book on LinkedIn is to find groups where your audience is active. Leave supportive comments on a few posts every day until your book is free. Then make your first post in the group with a link to your free Kindle book. It can be beneficial to remind people they don’t need a Kindle device to read your free book. They can use a free Kindle app on their smartphone or the cloud reader device on their PC or Mac.

Share long-form content in the form of an article on LinkedIn. This helps raise your visibility. You can also message your contacts with a link to the article. This increases the views to the article, which increases the visibility outside of your network. More visibility means even more downloads of your book!

Additional Tips for Your 5 Free Days via KDP

  • Don’t make your book free for all 5 days at once. Do two days one month, two days the next, and one day in the third month. This gives you three different times to maximize your downloads.
  • Don’t put your free book behind an opt-in form, since that puts up a barrier to your downloads. Sure, you may get 50 people on your email list, but you could’ve gained 2,500 downloads and pushed your book into the top 100.
  • Don’t make your book free on the first or last day of the month. You will have a ton of competition and it will be harder to get into the elusive top 100.
  • Do plan your free Kindle book promotion. Having Amazon help market your book is an incredibly powerful thing.
  • Do email your current email list so that they can also download your free Kindle book. This is perfect for following up with them and asking them for reviews. Once you have two or three reviews, others will start to leave them.

Want a handy pdf of the 50 different places to share your free Kindle book? Just click below…

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