New Content and Specials Coming Up

May 2021

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Here's the line-up:


We have a cross-over special (April to May) that kicks off TOMORROW:

April 30th to May 3rd - Storytelling in Marketing + NEW Expansion Pack (50% off)

This coming weekend, we have a Spotlight Special on
The Power of Storytelling in Marketing, including a NEW Expansion pack to go with it.

The Expansion Pack features 4 distinct 'story templates' to guide you in creating engaging stories. And it includes 25 'story sparks', which are ideas for different stories to tell in blog posts, videos, social media, and more. We've added a few editable social media images in Canva too 🙂

Storytelling is always one of the most popular topics with our customers, and therefore YOUR audience. So keep your eyes out for that email when we go live.

Next up, the rest of May...

May 6th to 12th - Create Your High-Ticket Virtual Bootcamp (NEW)

On May 6th, we're launching a new Blaze package on how to
Create Your High-Ticket Virtual Bootcamp.

A virtual bootcamp is a short, intensive online training program that helps people get fast results - usually run in about a 3 days format, though that can vary.

It's NOT the same as a traditional online course, group coaching program, or simple challenge. Instead, it's short, focused, and a lot of hands-on action in a short space of time.

This is a mega, comprehensive program that you'll really be able to sink your teeth into and make part of a larger curriculum.

Of course, there will be an Upgrade Pack option and bonuses too!

May 13th to 18th - Secret, Private Offer (TBD)

Justin Popovic, over at
Tools for Motivation, has promised to put together a special offer for us on one (or more) of his personal development courses.

I'm in the middle of discussing it with him and selecting a course, so if you have any specific topic requests, let me know!

May 20th to 26th - NEW Content Bundle

On May 20th, we'll have a brand new Content Bundle - with blog posts and emails on different topics. Topics include
Blogging, Business Networking, Ideal Customer Profile, Lead Magnets, and Passive Income.

Our customers always love these, since they relate to other courses and content you may already have. And the blog posts and emails are easy to use quickly and repurpose too.

May 28th to 31st - Power Networking for Results (50% Off)

Finally, we'll close out May with another weekend Spotlight Special on
Power Networking for Results. I'm sure we'll add a new Upgrade and bonus of some sort too. Still working on that.

Let me know if you have any questions!


* Finally, if you need some step-by-step guidance for branding your courses and getting them online...

Don't forget about our FREE 10-Day Online Course Challenge.

This is an evergreen challenge that you can start at any time, do over and over, and complete at your own pace:

CLICK HERE to enroll in the Free Online Course Challenge >>

When you enroll, you'll even get a free mini-course on time management,
...which can use to go through the challenge.

And if you'd like additional training, resources, templates, and planners... check out the VIP Course Challenge option after enrolling.

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