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Curriculum Bundle – Generate Multiple Income Streams


12 courses that work beautifully together as a series, curriculum, membership site, or multiple workshops. Click on any title for more details. Then click on the Add to Cart button to add them all to your cart at once.


Generate Multiple Income Streams is a suggested series of courses, hand-picked from our catalog, that help small business owners develop additional income streams for their business.

The courses themselves don’t have to be delivered in the order listed, however they are meant to build on each other to help students achieve their objectives more comprehensively.

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This curriculum could easily form the basis of a 12-month membership program, live workshop series, bonus resource for your clients, or could be offered as upsells to any marketing or business growth program.

Target Audience:

Small business owners and entrepreneurs who have an existing business and want to convert more clients, and generate additional streams of income.

Curriculum Goals:

Participants will gain:

  • A clear focus on ways to develop multiple income streams for their current or associated businesses.
  • The skills for turning existing experience into income generating programs and products.
  • Ways to improve their marketing, copy writing, and sales processes to grow their business and surpass their revenue goals.