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Blogging can be fun, but it can also open new doors and opportunities for you. In this article, we're going to showcase 3 bloggers who are also authors and course creators.

Shelley Fishel – TomorrowsVA / The Business Barista / The Microsoft Office 365 Courses

Shelley Fishel from Blog to Book to CourseShelley Fishel is based in Netanya, Israel and helps Virtual Assistants (VAs) become more productive. Her blog is filled with tips and techniques about Microsoft Office 365 and how VAs can increase their skillset.

Shelley's book – The Business Barista– is a story that's blended with coffee and Excel. As you go through the book, you'll see practical business applications for Microsoft Excel. The exciting thing about The Business Barista is that it's a story and not just instructions. It's easy to read and sometimes you'll find yourself reading to know what happens next rather than learning about Excel.

And the courses? These are all around specific activities that a VA can be asked to perform. You learn the shortcuts and how to set yourself up for success with Microsoft Office 365. Because Shelley has more than one online course, she also has the Hub membership, where VAs can access all of her programs for a yearly investment.

Rachel Marie Martin – FindingJoy / The Book / The Course

Rachel Martin from Blog to Book to CourseRachel is a great blogger in the parenting niche, and she's also the author of several books, including The Brave Art of Motherhood.

As well as being the writer of several viral blog posts, she's the co-founder of BC Prime. BC Prime is a membership packed with courses around blogging.

So, once you have a few courses, you can turn them into something where you offer a subscription instead of a one-time investment.

Rachel's blogging led to a book, and this led her to the Today show! When you have a book, you have more credibility, and this means you attract more business.

Dale Darley – Dale Darley / Gratitude Books / Courses

Dale Darley from Blog to Book to CourseDale Darley is based half-way up a mountain in Spain, and she is the devoted mum to several rescue dogs.

Dale has lots of books. She's a prolific writer and blogger and is creating amazing content on a daily basis. This means she has a treasure chest of content to repurpose into books and courses.

However, Dale doesn't stop at creating journals and books about affirmations. She also creates online courses showing you how to do this, as well as online courses on other aspects of writing.  Now, you might be thinking you personally can't do this, for whatever reason… But Dale blogged and created content even when she had a fractured spine!

If you have a blog, you have content that you can turn into all kinds of books.

And don't just think about creating courses as stand-alone products either. You can easily bundle them up into a course and book package.

In fact, you often see business owners offering courses as bonuses to help sell more books.

No matter where you are in the world, whether you are on the beach or up a mountain, you'll find turning your blog into a book and into an online course something that increases your profits as well as your visibility 🙂


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