5 Great Story Selling Examples

If you're wondering if Story Selling is for you, you might want to look at some examples to see how it differs from Storytelling... In this post we'll share with you some great Story Selling examples.  Disclaimer: Content Sparks is not liable if you suddenly feel an uncontrollable urge to eat ice cream, change your deodorant or replace your mattress. We will however help you discover your inner story seller!

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Ben & Jerry's Story Selling Example

Ben and Jerry's have a great story already, and in this video they transition from storytelling to story selling in just 30 seconds!

The product is non-dairy ice cream and how Leena the lactose intolerant employee feels she doesn't fit in with the B&Js work culture. This is a great, memorable story sell video that shows how important non-dairy ice cream is to the right people.

Squatty Potty Story Selling:

Pottys, Unicorns... What could tell a story better?  This fantastic story selling video by the Harmon Brothers for Squatty Potty attracted just under 40 million views, and is still shared to this day. Why? Because of the story sell. And the unicorn pooping...

Piper Wai's Story Selling Example

Piper Wai's story sell is an ad overlaying the story. No matter how hard the main character tries to deliver her ad message, something gets in the way. We can all relate to that! The story is funny, and led to a 250% rise in retail sales. 

Mr Cool Story Selling Example:

Who doesn't love the Holderness family videos? What if you hired Penn and invited him to story sell your A/C units? Racking up nearly 4.5 million views, you can see it's a popular story sell. Whilst the story is different from Ben & Jerry's and Piper Wai's, it's still 100% watchable to the end. 

Purple Mattress Story Selling Example

In another story selling video from the Harmon Brothers, you'll find eggs, mattresses and Goldilocks. And just before the video ends, Goldie answers the question that's on everyone's mind "Are they real eggs?"

These are 5 great story selling examples that show it's possible to build a story around a product and it's not icky or sleazy. In fact, they're very shareable! 

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