3 Goal-Setting Mistakes

Have you ever set a goal and it didn't happen? I know how that feels. When I first started out in creating an online business, I had a wedding favors ecommerce store and blog. I had huge goals for it. 

  • Be the top wedding favors online store on the planet
  • Have 10 million subscribers
  • Make a million dollars a year through commissions and advertising

But if you know me already, you'll know me as Sharyn Sheldon, CEO of Content Sparks -  not Sharyn Sheldon, worldwide influencer of brides.

It didn't take long for me to realize that wedding websites were not my thing, and neither were make-up blogs, writing blog posts, or any of the other ideas I had brainstormed for an online business.

Fast forward from 2008 to now, and you'll be pleased to know that despite having made some goal-setting mistakes in the past, I regularly achieve the business goals I set for Content Sparks. 

Another Goal Setting Mistake

Now, you might be thinking "oh, but those were the wrong businesses", and I agree. They were wrong for me. But if I'd set better goals, you might be uttering the name 'Sharyn Sheldon' with the same reverence as you do RockNRoll Bride or Say 'Yes' to the Dress... So read on and discover the 3 biggest goal-setting mistakes you need to avoid so you can make sure you achieve the greatest success possible.

The Top 3 Goal-Setting Mistakes

Goal-Setting Mistake 1

Your Goal is Too Vague 

You want to lose weight, get rich, and rule the world. And yes, you can do all of those things, but your goals will need to be more specific. How much weight do you need to lose and by when?  How will you shed pounds? What shows you that you are successful? How rich is rich for you? How many products or services do you have to sell to get to the first stage of being rich? When do you want to be rich? Why does this deadline matter? Why do you want to rule the world? What's your first step to power? The next step? Where do you need help? 

As you can see, when you start getting more specific with your goals, you have more chance of turning them into a reality.

Goal setting 1

Goal-Setting Mistake 2

You Have Too Many Goals

You want to shed 10 lbs, make a million bucks, and be the next president of your nation. You'd also like to catch up with all the episodes of Grey's Anatomy, catch up on the laundry (it breeds in the washing machine... You put in 1 sock, 11 come out), and take the family out to watch the latest James Bond movie. 

Your big goals and your little goals are too much for you to handle. You have too many goals and that stops you succeeding at goal-setting. 

goal setting mistakes

Goal-Setting Mistake 3

You're Choosing Goals for the Wrong Reason

Your friend wants to make a million bucks in a year as an entrepreneur. You think "Yay! #FriendshipGoals we can do this together". Then 6 months down the line she's at the halfway mark and you're still at the starting point. It was the wrong goal for you. Making $100,000 was the right goal for you. That doesn't mean you cannot have the goal of making a million bucks a year. It just means it will take you a little longer to achieve this goal. 

goal setting mistakes 2

As you can see, goal setting isn't as easy as you'd like it would be. There are many hidden pitfalls that make goal setting a complete nightmare. But it doesn't have to be that way. Most people find that with a little help they can set the most impactful goal for their business. 

Here at Content Sparks, we'd love for you to set the goals that will make your business dreams a reality. The first step is our white label Goal-Setting Masterclass. The magical thing about Content Sparks is that when you purchase one of our course kits, you also get a license to teach the content that you've learned from yourself.

Take a look and see how you can use the Goal-Setting Masterclass to grow your business. 

Teach Goal-Setting with White Label Courses

Goal-Setting Masterclass

Teach Yourself. Then teach your audience.

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