Business Templates You Need


The Case for Templates in Your Business

Operating a small business is demanding and time-consuming. It can be like parenting a toddler. There are days when you think you live in the Arctic Circle because you’ve yet to see daylight. And other days, it feels like your business is lying on the floor of the store demanding an ice cream even though it's just had one.

5 Business Templates That You Need

Efficiency, time management, consistent quality, and productivity are key to your business success. But how can you create this when you have some many other tasks to juggle?

This is When You Know You Need Business Templates

That moment when you have something you always dread doing - again. That's the instant when you know you need something to eliminate the angst - and that something is a template. But where do you start with business templates? In this article, we'll share some of the most common templates that will make your business more efficient, and then we'll show you how to take the next step...

Business Template #1: The Invoice Template

Without invoices, you don't get paid. They act as both a way to keep on top of your billing and a way of reminding your customers that they need to pay you. You can even issue them as a type of receipt when they have paid you. Invoices are a critical part of any business, and as your business grows, you will start creating more of them. 

Get an invoice template BEFORE you get to this stage. By prepping for the day you are so busy you need a template, you are actually saving yourself time. You can brand it for your business, add your support details and other essential contact information, and save it as a template that you can use over and over and over again!

Business Template #2: The Business Letter Template

You might think you don't need a business letter template. After all, everything is online these days. However, companies often ask for them as "proof" that you're the official business owner. By creating a business letter template, you speed up "official" communications and look professional when sending business correspondence. 

Business Template #3: The Business Email Template

You'll actually need several business email templates. The first one is your official business email signature which usually shows your photo, website, social media platforms, and a special offer. Every time you reply to an email, your official signature should display. You'll also need to have a business email template for your email newsletter so you can add what goes where, and never miss a thing. 

Business Template #4: Email Templates

Do you know how many times you will send emails saying "Please reset your password and you'll be fine"? If I said a trillion times a day, you would think I'm exaggerating. But sometimes it feels that way! Email templates with fill-in-the-blank responses or cut and paste answers will save your sanity.

Business Template #5: Social Media Templates

If you aren't using social media templates in your business already, you'll love it when you get some. We create these for our customers as a bonus and they're thrilled by the time it saves them. We also have planner templates, challenge templates, slideshow templates, infographic templates and countless other ones that we use daily to create and share content on social media. 

Templates Make Your More Productive

As well as saving your sanity, business templates will make you more productive. Other business owners will start to envy you, and you'll feel proud about how much you get done in your business. If fact, you'll start telling people you've cloned yourself. And in a way, you have!

How to Use Templates to Streamline Your Business

Teach Yourself. Then teach your audience.

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