Email Marketing Services to Help You with Your Content Upgrades

You're thinking about adding a content upgrade to your epic blog post, but you're not quite sure how to do it. Here at Content Sparks, we use Thrive Architect's Lead Generation element (from the Thrive Suite of tools) and Active Campaign to deliver our Content Upgrades. We use LeadPages in some of our posts also. 

But what if you don't use these email marketing tools and services? In this blog post, we've collected all the resources you will need for the most popular email marketing platforms. 

Use the menu below to choose your Email Service Provider and click on the link. You'll then jump to a video showing you how to create your Content Upgrade Delivery for your Epic Blog Post Funnels. 

Content Upgrades

Content Upgrade Delivery With Active Campaign.

In the video below, Cody and Ernie from ActiveCampaign show how you can use ActiveCampaign to deliver your gated content. Gated content is another name for a Content Upgrade. It means the content upgrade (a type of lead magnet) is locked behind an email optin box. The optin box acts as a gate, preventing viewers from accessing the content without giving you their email addresses. 

Content Upgrades with ConvertKit

In this video, Content Academy shows you how they create a content upgrade using Pages (Mac) and ConvertKit.

Content Upgrades with ConvertKit & Divi's Bloom

Divi is a popular WordPress website framework, and it comes with Bloom; their email lead generation tool. This video shows how you can integrate ConvertKit and Bloom. You can then use Bloom to deliver your content upgrades. 

Content Upgrades with Mailerlite

Mailerlite has recently gained ground with a lot of tool integrations. If you've never built an email list and you're not ready (yet) to invest in your email marketing, then Mailerlite is a great starting point. With easy-to-create automations, you'll deliver your Content Upgrades quickly and easily. 

Content Upgrades with Mailchimp

Mailchimp has been around for a long time, and you may have an account but have never used them to deliver your Content Upgrades. Here's how... 

Content Upgrades with Aweber

In this video, Angie Minucci shows how she sends her Lead Magnet via Aweber. Remember, your lead magnet can also be a content upgrade!

Content Upgrades with Kartra

Kartra is an all-in-one marketing platform, and here's how you deliver your lead magnets and content upgrades with Kartra.

Content Upgrades with Kajabi

Kajabi is a popular all-in-one platform, particularly for courses. Here's how you can deliver a lead magnet in Kajabi. Although it's talking about the home page, you should be able to add them into the blog posts as well. 

Content Upgrades with New Zenler

In this tutorial Eran Bucai show you how to use New Zenler (all in one platform) to deliver your lead magnets. 

Content Upgrades with Klaviyo

In this tutorial you'll learn how to create content upgrades in Klaviyo, a popular email marketing tool for eCommerce businesses! 

Content Upgrades with LeadPages

(and Photoshop, Word, and Google Analytics, and Acrobat), this meaty tutorial goes through several tools to create content upgrades in LeadPages.

Want to turn your blog  into a list-building powerhouse?

If you're looking to get results with your content upgrades, you'll need an epic blog post to attract your reader and turn them into a subscriber. 

Here at Content Sparks we understand that quality content takes time, time you don't always have. Choosing our done-for-you epic blog post pack speeds up your ability to create traffic-sucking blog posts AND have a lead-generating content upgrade as well. All you need to do is purchase your pack, add your personal insights and magic, and you'll have more content upgrades, quality leads, and traffic to your website. 

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