Your Customer’s Decision Making Process

    Do you know what your potential customers are thinking when they decide whether or not to buy your product or service?

    There are studies that have been done on this very topic, and the most common model for the customer's decision-making process looks like this:

    Customer Decision Making

    That model also appears in our course on The Psychology of Marketing and I pulled out some information from the relevant module to share with you for free.

    It's all here in this video:

    The video itself is a little under 7 minutes and I talk through each of the steps in the graphic shown above.

    Watch it when you have a few minutes and then think about the following questions:

    1. What do you think about at each of these steps when you're doing something like finding a new eye doctor or identifying a business consultant to work with?
    2. What do you think your own potential customers are thinking about or looking for at each of the steps

    To learn more about how you can use different marketing tactics based on psychology – at each step of the customer's decision-making process – check out our customizable course here:

    ==> The Psychology of Marketing

    You can use those materials to learn from yourself AND teach others.


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