New Content and Specials Coming Up

April 2021

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Here's the line-up:

* April 8th to 14th - E-Commerce Copywriting Essentials (NEW)

First up with have copywriting! Not just any old copywriting, it's magical e-Commerce copy with our brand new course called E-Commerce Copywriting Essentials.

This is a beacon-level course, and it's pretty powerful. I'll unpack it with you over the next few days so you can decide how much your students will love it.

* April 16th to 19th - Build Your Audience with Social Media (50% off)

Then we have the first weekend Spotlight Special for April on Build Your Audience With Social Media.  

Given how many people struggle with audience building and social media, I'd say this is a modern-marketing must-have.

It's a Blaze product, so you get all the lead magnet, attraction content, course materials, handouts, teaching materials, etc. In other words, the whole funnel of content.

Personally, I love these. I'm never short of a blog post, email, or Livestream content.

* April 22nd to 28th - Content Design for Beginners (NEW)

Next up we have Content Design for Beginners.

Last December, Sharyn and my husband (Kevin) did a webinar on Content Design, and we discovered it was something you'd like to teach.

This is really timely because Google is making changes to their algorithm, and it's all about the reader's experience (aka Content Design).

Our upcoming, new course is a beacon-level program and one that will help your audience create content that's going to help them grow their audience, subscribers, conversion, etc.

And finally, the last Spotlight Special of the April...

Drum roll please!

* April 30th to May 3rd - Storytelling in Marketing (50% Off)

Storytelling in Marketing is a fantastic opportunity to show your students how to get more from their marketing with stories. Look out for the stories in our emails!

I love how Content Sparks really helps you grow your business with timeless, evergreen content 🙂

And as I type this, I realise that April's content will make one fantastic curriculum.

Can you imagine teaching people how to write e-Commerce copy? Copy that will help them make more sales with the same traffic?

Follow that up with building an audience on social media (so you're now showing them how to increase their audience size = more traffic to their website).

And then the last part - Content Design. Show your students how to create a winning content experience, and then wrap it all up nicely with storytelling in marketing!

Doesn't that sound amazing?


* Finally, if you need some step-by-step guidance for branding your courses and getting them online...

Don't forget about our FREE 10-Day Online Course Challenge.

This is an evergreen challenge that you can start at any time, do over and over, and complete at your own pace:

CLICK HERE to enroll in the Free Online Course Challenge >>

When you enroll, you'll even get a free mini-course on time management,
...which can use to go through the challenge.

And if you'd like additional training, resources, templates, and planners... check out the VIP Course Challenge option after enrolling.

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