New Content and Specials Coming Up

March 2021

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We have a long-awaited new Blaze course kit launching, as well as a fun contest, weekend special, AND the return of a unique build-a-bundle sale.

I'll also be moving across the country at the end of the month, so look out for updates from my team. I'm giving Sarah Arrow special dispensation to email you on my behalf.

Here's the line-up:

* March 4th: Action-Based Coaching Skills

Our brand new Blaze package this month walks through mastering critical business coaching skills.

But this isn't just your typical coaching skills course.

We developed an Action-Based Coaching Model, which includes a process for helping your clients get breakthrough results.

Look out for the livestream I'll do with Sarah on Thursday, during the launch, well as your link to get your license in Thursday morning's email.

There are some fabulous bonuses for Early Bird buyers too.


* March 11th: Secret Contest (more to come)

Right after we end the Action-Based Coaching Skills program launch, we'll be running a contest.

But I'm not going to give away any of the details now, or it wouldn't be fair.

Just know that you'll need to do a little exploring and be ready for extreme cuteness.

There will be some prizes too, naturally!


* March 12th to 15th: Weekend Special - Gamification

To go along with our secret contest, it just makes sense to offer a weekend Spotlight Special on our course on Gamification for Small Businesses

It will be 50% off for 4 days only.

And at the end, we'll announce the winners in our own contest 🙂


* March 18th to 25th: Moving Sale! Build Your Online Course Curriculum

To cap off the month, we're bringing back a feature that was wildly successful last summer.

It's a 'build-a-bundle' sale, where you can select from a list of hand-picked courses in our shop.

We've picked around 21 different options around a theme of sharing your knowledge via online courses and other products.

All you'll have to do is check off the ones you want,

...and watch your discount go up and price go down as you add more courses.

That sale is happening right when I'll be in the middle of all the tasks involved in moving from a house we've been in for 21 years!

Don't worry though. My team will take good care of you during the times I'm busy with moving stuff.


* Finally, if you need some step-by-step guidance for branding your courses and getting them online...

Don't forget about our FREE 10-Day Online Course Challenge.

This is an evergreen challenge that you can start at any time, do over and over, and complete at your own pace:

CLICK HERE to enroll in the Free Online Course Challenge >>

When you enroll, you'll even get a free mini-course on time management,
...which can use to go through the challenge.

And if you'd like additional training, resources, templates, and planners... check out the VIP Course Challenge option after enrolling.

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