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Quickly put together your own online course, live workshop, or coaching program on Create Your High-Ticket Virtual Bootcamp, where you'll teach your customers how to launch an intensive online training program that gets fast results.

Simply download the materials, add your name and branding, and then sell or teach to clients or prospects.

With this easy-to-edit, complete course kit, you get:

  • A ready-to-teach course, saving you months of time on content creation...  
  • Everything you need to attract students to your course, so you can close more sales...  
  • The ability to edit, customize, and brand the materials, so it fits your market and your personality...  
  • A complete "training-in-a-box," at a fraction of the cost of starting from scratch...  
  • ...and much more!

Here's why your students will love this topic...

Virtual Bootcamps are a powerful business-building tool.

No matter what business your students are in, they will love how a bootcamp can accelerate their business growth while helping their audience get big results in a short period of time. 

When your students run a virtual bootcamp, they are the star. They, the program leaders, are positioned as the "go-to" expert.

And with 'Create Your High-Ticket Virtual Bootcamp', you'll teach exactly how to plan, create, market, and run a profitable bootcamp online... step-by-step. 

Your students will also build a client base without requiring a long-term commitment or excessive pre-planning.

They'll secure positive testimonials, loyalty, and future purchases on follow-up training and coaching, as well as boost their brand and visibility. 

Here is the 'Success Roadmap' your students will follow through your course:

[Check out the Module Overviews below for more details on what you'll cover in the course.]

Our ready-to-teach program is divided into separate modules and lessons, so it can be quickly broken up to deliver bite-size sections over time – to avoid overwhelm and give time for implementation.

Best of all, everything is editable and rebrandable.  

So you can learn from it yourself if you want to power-up your business by adding a high-impact virtual bootcamp.

AND, you can use the same materials to help your audience (under your own name)!

That's because when you purchase a license to our customizable (PLR) courses, you get the rights to:

  • Edit the content any way you want
  • Put your name and brand on, and
  • Repurpose it into whatever media you want

Then use your new course to...

  • Attract a flood of leads for your other products and services
  • Expand your reputation as an expert with online courses, webinars, workshops, videos, and more
  • Provide resources for your clients to help them get results (and win their lasting devotion)
  • Create a nice new income stream with a paid program (it can even run on autopilot)

You'll be helping your audience quickly grow their income, their reputation, and their loyal customer community.

At the same time…. you'll be adding a major asset to your own business (a course!) that will take it to a whole new level too!

Here's what you'll teach in 'Create Your High-Ticket Virtual Bootcamp'...

Create Your High-Ticket Virtual Bootcamps is designed to be delivered in whatever format makes the most sense for YOUR audience. For example, you can deliver it as any or all of the following:

  • 2-day in-person, hands-on workshop (or VIP retreat)
  • Online course with both text and a series of 20 or more bite-sized videos. (We give you the slides so you can record your videos quickly.)
  • Webinar series with 4 or more live, interactive sessions (plus handouts)
  • Self-study eBook with Action Guide (add a coaching upsell to increase value)
  • Dripped email course with attached worksheets (add links to your other programs!)

How you use the content is entirely up to you and what you need for your audience and your business. But no matter how you decide to teach the course, here's what you'll cover:  


You'll start out with an overview of the course and what your students will learn, so that everyone is excited to jump in and get going.

Module 1 - Virtual Bootcamp Goals and Targets

Virtual bootcamps teach a specific skill or subject, or they help participants achieve a shared goal.

In this first module, you'll help your students set their virtual bootcamp goals and targets that will advance their overall business objectives.

Module 2 – Identify Your Target Audience and Bootcamp Topic

Now that your students have set their virtual bootcamp goals and targets, it’s time to choose a topic.

In this module, your students will gain a better understanding of their existing audience, so they can choose a bootcamp topic that their ideal customers will be eager to achieve and which also provides the opportunity for future sales.

  • Lesson 1: Narrow Down Your Target Audience - In Lesson 1, you'll help your students dig deep into their target audience, so they can create a bootcamp that will provide value and solve problems.
  • Lesson 2: Choose Your Bootcamp Topic - In Lesson 2, you'll show your students how to choose a specific topic for their bootcamp, so that it resonates with their target audience and fits in their with overall business goals.

Module 3 – Outline and Create Your Virtual Bootcamp Content

Once you have chosen your topic, it is time to start bringing your idea to life.

In Module 3, you’ll focus on the practicalities and project management side of your students' virtual bootcamp development: determining the format, establishing a timeline, and outlining the bootcamp content and ‘curriculum’. Once they have an overall picture of their bootcamp, they have enough information to start creating content, brand their bootcamp, and set a price.

  • Lesson 1: Your Bootcamp Format & Timeline - In Lesson 1, you'll show your students how to choose a suitable format and plan a project timeline, so that they have ample time to execute their first bootcamp.
  • Lesson 2: Outline & Develop Your Virtual Bootcamp Content - In Lesson 2, you'll demonstrate how your students can develop a comprehensive outline and bootcamp curriculum that produces results for them and their customers.
  • Lesson 3: Brand Your Bootcamp Content - In Lesson 3, you'll walk your students through how to brand their bootcamp so that it has a consistent look and personality to appeal to their target audience, gain attention, and effectively represent them and their overall brand.
  • Lesson 4: Set the Price for Your Bootcamp - In Lesson 4, you'll determine how your student's can set a price for their bootcamp, so that it accurately represents the value it offers AND produces the revenue they want.

Module 4 - Choose the Best Tools and Tech

The tech and tools you choose to deliver your virtual bootcamp can be the difference between an average experience and an outstanding one.

In Module 4, you'll walk your students through how to choose and set up the basic systems and technology that are vital to a seamless virtual bootcamp experience.

  • Lesson 1: Bootcamp Marketing & Communications Tools - In Lesson 1, you'll help your students choose the best tools to market and sell their bootcamp, as well as tools that will enable them to communicate efficiently and effectively with their audience.
  • Lesson 2: Bootcamp Delivery Tools - In Lesson 2, you'll show your students the best tools for delivering their bootcamp and how they can set up and test their tools beforehand, minimizing the number of technical difficulties they may encounter.

Module 5 – Market & Sell Your Virtual Bootcamp

Marketing your bootcamp is critical to its success. You can have the most interesting, in-demand virtual bootcamp topic and material, but if you don’t have an audience, your hard work will go to waste.

In Module 5, you’ll demonstrate how your students can create and implement a marketing strategy that will drive conversions and sales, and which will contribute to their overall bootcamp and business goals.

  • Lesson 1: Create Valuable Optimized Web Content - In Lesson 1, you'll show your students how to incorporate effective keywords and use optimized long-form content, so they boost page and site rankings while building credibility.
  • Lesson 2: Build Your Sales Funnel - In Lesson 2, you'll demonstrate how your students can set up a sales funnel with an effective landing page that attracts and converts.
  • Lesson 3: Build Your Email List by Offering Free Content (and then market to them) - In Lesson 3, you'll walk your students through how to develop a valuable lead magnet to build their email list prior to their bootcamp, so that they can establish a channel of communication with people that are already interested in what they have to sell.
  • Lesson 4: Establish Your Web Presence - In Lesson 4, you'll determine how your students can share and post content that will attract their target customer, build a relationship, gain their trust, and eventually get them to their bootcamp landing page.
  • Lesson 5: Build Anticipation, Explore Collaborations, and Target Specific Audiences - In Lesson 4, you'll teach your students how to build buzz before the launch, as well as ways to extend their marketing reach, so that they can maximize the impact of their bootcamp.

Module 6 - Deliver Your Virtual Bootcamp

Now the foundation has been laid, this module focuses on delivering a dynamic bootcamp experience that runs as smoothly and dynamically as possible.

In Module 6, you’ll discuss how your students can deliver an engaging, valuable, results-oriented virtual bootcamp that establishes them as an expert in their field and has the highest impact for their participants.

Module 7 – Virtual Bootcamp Follow-Up and Feedback

Now that the first bootcamp is complete, there are some important things to address before starting on the next project. The follow-up is especially important if you plan to build on the success of this bootcamp and create more.

In Module 7, you’ll demonstrate how your students can build on the momentum and success of their first virtual bootcamp by engaging participants with follow-up communications and promotions to boost revenue and stay top of mind.

Module 8 – Review and Refine

In this final module, you’ll teach your students how to evaluate their bootcamp using insight gathered from data, reports, participant feedback, and self-reflection, and then apply what they have learned to improve their future bootcamps.

You’ll also review the course and have your students plan their next action steps, so they can achieve the goals they set for this course.

And to teach the program above, here’s exactly what you’ll get in 'Create Your High-Ticket Virtual Bootcamp':

Part 1: Student Materials - to Learn & Take Action 

  • A 122-page Course Book - which gives you content and activity instructions you can use to create a self-study course, eCourse, or online or offline workshop (You’d pay $2,000+ just to learn how to create a course like this, and you’d still have to spend months doing it yourself). 
  • Action Guide - 89-page guide which helps your students take action on what they learn, so you’ll have happy, successful customers. 
  • Virtual Bootcamp Timeline - For your students to schedule the planning and creation of their bootcamp. In .xlsx.
  • Your Virtual Bootcamp Outline - A high-level outline to map out and solidify ideas, structure information, and develop bootcamp content.
  • Creative Brief - A template for your students to brainstorm ideas for themselves and brief a potential designer.
  • Bootcamp Pricing Spreadsheet - A formatted spreadsheet to calculate the costs of your students’ bootcamps and the potential income they'll generate based on different scenarios (ie, number of participants vs. price and costs).
  • Bootcamp Participant Email Sequence Worksheet - For your students to prepare the email sequence they will send to bootcamp participants.
  • Opt-in Email Series Worksheet - For your students to prepare an opt-in email sequence that nurtures relationships and converts leads to bootcamp participants.
  • On-Camera Practice Checklist - For your students to evaluate their performance and gain confidence in their on-camera presence prior to their bootcamp.
  • Breakout Group Activity Evaluation - For your student to make sure their group activity ideas will translate into effective and engaging small group exercises.
  • Student Resource Checklist - For your students to prepare resources and handouts for participants to use before, during, and after the bootcamp.
  • A 62-Page Summary Cheat Sheet - which you and your clients can quickly reference to save time, versus having to refer to the book every time (Customers love these!)  
  • 41 Colorful Graphics - that are used in the course book and slideshow. These not only give a snapshot view of concepts, but also give your content some visual zing (in .pptx and .png).
  • Course Overview Infographic –  A 1-page at-a-glance visual of the course, so your students always know where they are in their progress (.pptx, .pdf & .png).
  • Course Success Road Map Infographic –  A 1-page at-a-glance visual of your student's path through the course (.pptx, .pdf & .png). TIP: This is a great visual to use when marketing your course too!)
  • Handouts of All of the Presentation Slides - so participants can follow along, take notes, and refer back to the material later...all you have to do is hit ‘send’ or ‘print’ (only provided in the full Blaze package - see pricing further down the page).

Part 2: Instructor Materials to Teach Your Course

  • 283 Slides - which give you a ready-made presentation for classroom, webinar, or video You just fire up your slide program or screen recorder... and start teaching or recording (Worth at least $750 and hours of your time) 
  • Speaker Notes - that give you the full script and instructions, so you’ll know exactly what to say (just add some of your own language) 
  • Evaluation Form - so you can get customer feedback and further customize the course for your audience (and turn them into raving fans) 
  • 5 Follow-up Emails - to send to participants after the course, which allow you to continue to provide value and build relationships, so you can make them customers for life (a decent copywriter charges at least $100 per email) 
  • Course Research Sources list - which gives you reference material so you can brush up on your own knowledge and answer any question your customers ask (Saves you hours of searching on Google) 
  • Suggested Curriculum - We've hand-picked related course topics from our catalog that you can use to put together a longer series or membership site (plus a coupon for 40% off each!)
  • Top Ways to Deliver Your Training - which helps you select the right delivery method for you, so you can reach your target audience and maximize sales 
  • Implementation Guide and Instructions on Using Your Content - which give you additional instructions and ideas, so that you're prepared to deliver the quality your customers expect

Part 3: Lead Generation Materials to Attract Students 

  • Opt-In Report, 'How to Set Up a Virtual Bootcamp for Your Audience'. Use as a lead magnet to get new people on your email list, so you can sell your course or other products & services. We even give you a slideshow and cheat sheet version! A $550 value all by itself.
  • Opt-In Cheat Sheet - which gives you a summary outline of the opt-in report as another alternate lead magnet (people love content they can consume quickly) 
  • Opt-In Slideshow - which gives you the opt-in report in a presentation format with speaker notes, so you can also present it in person, as a video, or on a webinar (webinars have been proven to have the highest conversion rates!) 
  • 7 Nurture Emails - to send to people after they receive your lead magnet, which will increase your own credibility and sell the course for you, saving you time and converting more subscribers into customers ($500+ value) 
  • 5 Blog Posts - which give you pre-written marketing content to spark discussion on your blog, so you can build more excitement for the course ($1000+ value) 
  • Infographic - How to Set Up a Virtual Bootcamp for Your Audience (in .pptx, .pdf &.png)
  • 30 Social Media Posts - which give you pre-written tips to share on all your social media (try putting them on shareable images too!)

 Take a Sneak Peek Inside the Course

Watch as I open up the course folders and show you EXACTLY what content you'll get and how it works...

Click on the image below to open up a sample from the Course Book...

What's Your Investment for All This Incredible Content?

You can see that Content Sparks programs pack in a lot of value.  

That’s because as learning experts and marketing specialists, we develop top-notch material AND we want to help you use it to attract clients and customers, so that everyone’s business grows.  

But don’t worry, the cost is going to be MUCH less than you think.  

Much less than it should be, based on the value of this program...  

Much less than courses that teach you how to create a program like this yourself...  

(Plus, this is ready to launch in minutes, not months, and even includes lead generation material to attract students to the course.)  

Much less than hiring a team to help you design your program and create content...  

And MUCH, MUCH less than learning how to create a program like this by trial and error...  

...where you can lose money AND get zero sales. 

So let’s say, conservatively, that you can create this course yourself for $8,000.  

Now, that’s not nearly enough money to hire someone to help you...that’s just accounting for your personal time.  

(If you’re a highly paid consultant, however, that $8,000 estimate is going to be MUCH higher...) 

So you’d still have to research the topic, narrow down the key points, outline a logical flow, figure out learning activities that people can do, write all the content, develop support resources (like worksheets and checklists), create the slideshow, design graphics, edit and proofread everything, make it look professional, create lead generation materials, write autoresponder emails, and more. 

For example, here's the approximate amount of time it takes us to create a course like this one... 

But if you don't have experience creating courses, it's going to take HUNDREDS of hours to do that properly...  

And probably additional hundreds or thousands of dollars just to learn how to build a quality course or a high-converting sales funnel...  

And after all of that, you don’t know if anyone is going to buy...  

Especially if you’ve never sold your own program before.  

OR, you can easily and quickly create your own courses...  

Using ready-to-go programs from a company with a long track record of success...  

And expand your business...  

Earn more money, work fewer hours, and become the authority in your market.  

All for significantly less than trying to do the same thing on your own.  

So, as part of this offer...  

You won't pay $8,000...  

You won't pay $3,000...  

You won't even pay $1,500...

Get only the content you need in Create Your High-Ticket Virtual Bootcamp...

Flash Content

Need to generate leads? Grab the 'Flash' version, which contains the Lead Generation Materials listed below:

  • Opt-In Report How to Set Up a Virtual Bootcamp for Your Audience
  • Summary Cheat Sheet (overview of report)
  • Slideshow - to go with report
  • 7 Opt-In Report Follow-up Emails 
  • 5 Blog Posts 
  • Infographic  
  • 30 Social Media Posts


Get the Lead Gen Content Only

Beacon Content

Want to offer an eBook or text-only course? Grab the 'Beacon' version, which contains the Student Materials listed below:

  • Course Book - Create Your High-Ticket Virtual Bootcamp
  • Action Guide - for implementing action steps in the course book 
  • Virtual Bootcamp Timeline
  • Virtual Bootcamp Outline
  • Creative Brief
  • Bootcamp Pricing Spreadsheet
  • Participant Email Sequence Worksheet
  • Opt-in Email Series Worksheet
  • On-Camera Checklist
  • Breakout Group Activity Evaluation
  • Student Resource Checklist
  • Summary Cheat Sheet 
  • Graphics 
  • Infographic and Roadmap


Blaze Content

Want to create and sell a full multimedia online course or live workshop? Grab the 'Blaze' version, which has everything in Flash & Beacon PLUS slides, teaching materials and more!

  • ALL CONTENT from the Flash package
  • ALL CONTENT from the Beacon package
  • Slideshow
  • Speaker Notes
  • Slides Handout
  • Suggested Curriculum
  • Implementation Guide
  • Course Follow Up Emails
  • Research Sources
  • Evaluation form
  • Top ways to deliver your training
  • Instructions for using your content



100% No Risk Guarantee

Take a look through all the materials.  

If you don’t think you or your customers can benefit from this content, let us know in the first 7 days, and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.  

If you like it, keep it. And if you’re ready to take action quickly to get to that next level, you could be closing sales in the first week.

But Will Done-For-You Programs from Content Sparks REALLY Boost My Revenue?

To answer that, first I have to tell you a bit about why Content Sparks was created... 

Hi, I’m Sharyn Sheldon, founder of Content Sparks.  

Soon after starting my very first online business, I found myself stuck...  

I knew that creating sales and marketing content for my customers would take my business to the next level, however, there were a few big problems. 

Maybe they sound familiar?

  • I was so busy doing work for customers that I never seemed to have enough time to work on my own business... 
  • I was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start...I was just staring at a blank page... 
  • I didn’t have the budget to hire a team or to spend $3,000 on one of those online “how to market and grow your business” courses... 
  • I didn’t know how to attract customers for my products and services... 
  • I was worried about maintaining income level (and my ability to ever grow it)...

And so I stayed stuck...  

...until I discovered brandable, done-for-you content.  

For instance, I used this ready-to-go content to create bonuses for products I wanted to promote.  

All I had to do was download it, add some points I thought were important, and brand it.  

I saved at least a day of work this way, and at the time, I was billing out $2,000/day.  

I also earned several thousand dollars in commissions because I was able to offer a valuable bonus. 

Still, I noticed some problems with the brandable content out there...  

For one thing, some of the products weren't designed for learning and taking action.  

And when they were, the content was sometimes outsourced to non-native English speakers.  

Also, a lot of the done-for-you content out there was pretty bad...  

The sales and marketing products weren’t written by sales and marketing experts...and it definitely was not up to my standards. So I still had to spend a LOT of time editing it.  

So that's why I started Content Sparks, to provide high-quality, customizable sales and marketing courses. 

Today our team has created business training programs for Fortune 500 companies and small businesses for over 30 years... courses that get results.  

Just imagine this scenario:

  • You have a high-quality course in just minutes...
  • You quickly jump in and customize any of the material...
  • You launch the course for a fraction of the cost of starting from scratch...
  • You have everything you need to attract customers and clients...
  • Your program continues to sell, taking your business to that next level...without any extra work on your part...

You don’t have to take my word for it, though. Here’s what business owners just like you have to say about Content Sparks:

"I often use Content Sparks to put out a ‘test’ product, see if there's any interest. I was surprised at the speed that I can put something together to test, so that's saved me tens of thousands of pounds.  

Also, if I do a talk or workshop, I have something to sell at the end of it.... since I don't always know who will be in the room or what their needs are."  

Sarah Arrow, Birds on the Blog

"The quality, the ease of adaptation, the logical flow of the information provided, the professional look of the courses both on the front end (student materials) and the back-end (teacher and marketing materials) makes using Content Sparks courses an easy and best choice!"

Dave Sweney, CEO, Soaring Eagle LLC, creators of the SMART Tools for Business and SMART Affiliate Program

"Thanks to Content Sparks, I’ve been able to start a membership site. I always wanted to do it, but never had the time. I’m charging $27 and $97 per month and am using Content Sparks products to drip new content each month. With 50 members at the $27/month right now, that's an additional $1,350/month right there, all from a $149 investment."

Tamara Patzer, Local Marketing Director & Social Media Educator

"I used Content Sparks products to create a lead magnet for $37 intro coaching calls. I was blown away with the quality. And it saved me at least $50,000 worth of my time. With one solo ad, I got 123 emails and 65 phone numbers of prospects. Now it's up to me to call them!"

VaNessa Duplessie, The Coaches' Coach

"Sharyn's materials help me to stay stealthy. I'm able to develop new programs quickly and professionally, always offering something new to my members and leaders, giving me tremendous edge in the market. My network is growing rapidly and I'm expanding into other cities. Now, as leaders plug into the system I've created, I'm able to help them grow their business as well."

Jennifer H., Inspired Influencers Academy

"It's a tremendous help to be able to reduce timeframes from 45 (days) to under a week. And that helps me secure more deals as well, because I can have that turnover time to be able to help support what the client needs, especially in these challenging times."

Chris Gloss, Coach, Public Speaker & Veteran

Imagine creating an online academy, product suite, or a full membership site.... 

Click on the link below to see an example series of courses that work beautifully together with Create Your High-Ticket Virtual Bootcamp:

Have any of these questions about the Virtual Bootcamps course? Take a look...

Are Virtual Bootcamps right for my audience?

Virtual Bootcamps are a quick money-earner for business owners in any niche. Hairdressers can do a virtual blonde bootcamp where they talk about what you need to know about going blonde. Soccer club owners can teach one specific skill - like a "headers Bootcamp", and coaches can teach one marketing tactic for their coaching virtual bootcamp. Virtual bootcamps are a powerful way of building your reputation as an expert - fast!

What's the difference between Virtual Bootcamps, Challenges, Sprints etc?

Challenges and Sprints are designed to be lead generators and audience-builders. Unlike Challenges and Sprints that are often product launches, Virtual Bootcamps are intensive training sessions that are also the product.

Isn't This Just Group Coaching?

The best Virtual Bootcamps are designed to be shorter than group coaching. A virtual bootcamp is often less than 7 days, but sometimes they last as long as 30 days. Group coaching contains coaching. Bootcamps have a different focus - they're intensive. Group coaching is a leisurely stroll with participants working together at a gentle pace. Virtual Bootcamp participants are the front runners of the Marathon. They want results fast. They book time out to solely focus on the Bootcamp activities. They tend to be smaller than group coaching and laser-focused.

Does this course only apply to running bootcamps online?

Here at Content Sparks, we've given you everything you need to run your bootcamps virtually. However, you'll find the content is easy to adapt to an in-person bootcamp with some simple replacement of the virtual logistics with a discussion of in-person logistics.

The Thing to Keep In Mind...

While there are other done-for-you content companies out there, only Content Sparks specializes in brandable courses on business, sales, and marketing topics.  

Our courses are developed by our in-house team of experts, so this isn’t available for sale anywhere else.  

And 'Create Your High-Ticket Virtual Bootcamp' was based on our 30+ years of experience developing programs just like this one for Fortune 500 companies and small business owners... courses that get results for your students.

So, Here's What You'll REALLY Get with 'Create Your High-Ticket Virtual Bootcamp'...

Instead of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours sunk into a program that may or may not sell...  

You get completely customizable, ready-to-teach courses with lead generation materials to attract customers and clients, developed by a team with more than 30 years of sales and marketing experience...instantly.  

And you get to take your business to the next level, while providing incredible value for your customers. 

They’re going to love you for it.  

And instead of paying $8,000+, you can get your choice of the course content, instructor materials, and lead generation materials, all for these special low prices...

Here's a recap of what you'll get with each package...

Flash Content

Need to generate leads? Grab the 'Flash' version, which contains the Lead Generation materials listed below:

  • Opt-In Report How to Set Up a Virtual Bootcamp for Your Audience
  • Summary Cheat Sheet (overview of report) 
  • Slideshow - to go with report
  • 7 Opt-In Report Follow-up Emails 
  • 5 Blog Posts 
  • Infographic 
  • 30 Social Media Posts


Beacon Content

Want to offer an eBook or text-only course? Grab the 'Beacon' version, which contains the Student materials listed below:

  • Course Book - Create Your High-Ticket Virtual Bootcamp
  • Action Guide - for implementing action steps in the course book 
  • Virtual Bootcamp Timeline
  • Virtual Bootcamp Outline
  • Creative Brief
  • Bootcamp Pricing Spreadsheet
  • Participant Email Sequence Worksheet
  • Opt-in Email Series Worksheet
  • On-Camera Checklist
  • Breakout Group Activity Evaluation
  • Student Resource Checklist
  • Summary Cheat Sheet 
  • Graphics 
  • Infographic and Roadmap


Blaze Content

Want to create and sell a full multimedia online course or live workshop? Grab the 'Blaze' version, which has everything in Flash & Beacon PLUS slides, teaching materials and more!

  • ALL CONTENT from the Flash package 
  • ALL CONTENT from the Beacon package 
  • Slideshow 
  • Speaker Notes 
  • Slides Handout 
  • Suggested Curriculum 
  • Implementation Guide 
  • Course Follow Up Email 
  • Research Sources 
  • Evaluation form 
  • Top ways to deliver your training 
  • Instructions for using your content


Plus, you risk nothing with our money-back guarantee.  

If you’re still reading, my guess is that you know this is the way to take your business to a new level...  

Both in terms of revenue...  

And in your visibility and authority in your market.  

So trust your gut and the results over 3,000 other coaches, consultants, and marketers have gotten, ...and check it out for yourself.

Again, this is Sharyn Sheldon, and thanks for reading.  

I hope you enjoy teaching Create Your High-Ticket Virtual Bootcamp and I’m so excited to see what it’s going to do for your business and for your customers and clients!

Sharyn Sheldon Founder, Content Sparks

P.S. On the fence? Think about it this way...  

There’s a risk-free guarantee...  

There's PROOF this works....  

And since it's EASIER to do this than to do it all yourself, why not give it a shot?

P.P.S. If you don't buy this, will your business hit a plateau?  

Will you continue to have to trade time for money?  

Or will you have to work even more hours to increase revenue, maybe even at the expense of your personal life?  

Don't let that happen to you.  

Get the content you need now, and let’s start growing your business today.