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Welcome to Content Sparks.

Are you in the right place?

Are you a business consultant, coach, service provider, trainer, or educator? Are you someone who strives to help others grow their own business and income? Then you’re in the right place. Our content covers all the hot topics that small, growing businesses and start-ups crave, and we add to our library every month.

You can download our time management mini-course kit for free here:

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PLR Courses Will Save You Hours!

Here's how to get started:

How do PLR Courses work?

There are 3 main steps involved in using the PLR Courses from Content Sparks:

  1. Pick from our huge library of content on the hottest topics in Business, Marketing and Professional Development.
  2. Personalize it to your market, adding your own personal brand and voice.
  3. Publish or Sell your content in your desired format or platform, and start telling the world about it.

It’s really as simple as that! You can search for a course here by typing in a topic you're looking for:

The Rules for PLR Courses

All of our products are fully editable and customizable. There are endless ways to repurpose the content you buy, and we give you multiple ideas inside each product.

NOTE: The only thing you are NOT allowed to do is share or sell the editable files. People who want the editable files must purchase their own license from Content Sparks only.

Once you’re done with any editing, just convert your documents to a non-editable format (such as pdf) before you sell or share them with customers and prospects.

For the full list of license terms, read the Content License Rules.

What can I do with my PLR Courses from Content Sparks?

Almost anything! Whenever you have a need for content, look to Content Sparks first. And remember, you can edit, cut up, combine, and transform your Content Sparks products in any way you want.

Here are just a few ways to use your Content Sparks products:

Short Reports

Blog posts for your site, or rewritten as guest posts

Checklists and Cheat Sheets

Email Series

Newsletters (print and digital)

Teleseminars & Webinars



Social Media posts


Self-Study Courses and eBooks

Live Workshops & Seminars

Live presentations

Kindle (rewritten) and Print Books

White Papers

Press Release

How much time and work do I have to commit?

This one is entirely up to you. Some of our customers spend very little time customizing our content. They just spend a few minutes adding their name and logo and then reading through for any little edits or examples to add. After that, the content is published and out there working for them.

Other customers decide to make their Content Sparks products a core part of their own product offerings. To do that, they usually want to spend a few hours adding more of their own language and examples. Sometimes they’ll combine several products into a longer curriculum or coaching membership portal.

And then there are those customers who like to edit 80% of the content, or use it as the foundation for something completely different. There’s just no way to estimate how much time that takes, other than to say that it’s still far, far faster than starting from scratch.

What results can I expect from PLR Courses

Once you start publishing content on a consistent basis and broadcasting your expertise to the world, you’ll be surprised how quickly your business will grow.

Naturally, everyone’s results will vary. It all depends on how you use the time you free up from not having to spend hours on content creation. For example, here are just a few business activities you can spend time on:

  • Run free webinars and workshops to bring in more customers
  • Network with potential business partners at events and meetups
  • Create a resource portal for your paid customers to give them more value and keep them coming back for more.
  • Create paid membership sites for monthly training or coaching income
  • Create a library of paid products to sell individually and earn passive income

Note: Our Content Planning Template helps you plan exactly what, when and where you'll publish content. You’ll also get a sample and ideas of how long each type of content takes to create from scratch.

Can I see a sample of your content?

Absolutely!  Just CLICK HERE to grab a sampling from our course called How to Create a Realistic Content Marketing Plan. This is just a sample with excerpts from key parts of the course package. It does NOT include a license to edit it or use the content for your customers or readers.

Finding your way around the Content Sparks website

How to Find PLR Courses

The main menu at top of each page will get you to most places you need to go:

Start Here - This is where you are right now.

About - Where you can find out about the Content Sparks story and me, Sharyn Sheldon

Shop - That's where you can dive in, and starting finding the perfect PLR course for your business. 

Discover the Blog

The Blog menu will give you access to all the free tutorials we’ve published to help you make the most of your PLR Course content, along with regular articles and tips about content marketing:

Here at Content Sparks, customers are at the heart of our business. This means having robust and fair customer service policies. And

Read More
Customer Service Content Sparks Style!

How to Choose the Right PLR Course For Your Needs

In order to select the content that will make the biggest difference in your business right now, think about the following questions.

Answering just one of these questions can help you determine what content you need to create first:

  • Where are you currently spending the most time on online course creation?
  • Where are you not spending enough time on online course creation?
  • What types of products are your customers looking for or asking for?
  • What topics are your customers or prospects looking for or asking for?
  • What are your customers’ biggest pain points?
  • Which topics are they struggling with most in their business?
  • Which skills or topics do you want to be known for?
  • What skills or topics do you need to learn more about for yourself?
  • What topics can your customers learn about on their own vs. in a one-on-one coaching session?
  • What’s your budget for online course creation?

Once you have a sense of what type or topic of content you need first, you can start browsing what’s available on Content Sparks. There are two main ways to search:

Shop by Topic

If you go to the main Shop page or hover over the Shop menu and see the dropdown, you’ll be able to pick specific topics. There are 3 main topic categories, with a number of specific sub-categories to choose from:

This category includes topics such as Planning and Management

The Sales and Marketing category includes topics such as Social Media, Lead Generation, Branding, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and much more.

Here’s where you’ll find topics such as Business Skills and Productivity.

In addition, you'll see a Product Bundles category. That's where we've put together suggested bundles of products on different themes. They're perfect for when you need a lot of content at once or if you need to put together a larger training series on related topics.

Shop by Content Level

We offer 3 different levels of content, starting with smaller content packages that include short reports to our full training programs that include a complete sales funnel:


Our Flash Content packages contain reports, tweets and checklists. They’re perfect for attracting new customers by pulling together quick content for short reports, opt-in gifts, email series, and more. It’s also a great budget option if you have the time to create the rest of the content you need yourself.


Our Beacon Content packages contain course books, workbooks, tweets, summary cheat sheets, graphics and more. Use these for creating self-paced eBooks and online courses. Some packages includes slides. Otherwise, use the summary cheat sheets to create your own slides for webinars, teleseminars, video series, workshops, etc.


Our Blaze Online Course Content kits are fully-loaded training programs and sales funnels. They contain everything from the Flash and Beacon levels along with slideshows and scripts (speaking notes), additional teaching aids, resources, and instructions.

In our Content Planning Template, you’ll also get a spreadsheet to use for planning your content creation and publication each month.

As you fill in that calendar, you may find you need additional content. That’s when it’s a good time to come back to Content Sparks and see what you can use.

About Me.

Hi, I'm Sharyn Sheldon. I’m a passionate learner who is fanatical about well-written content, hates to waste time, and loves to share my knowledge with others. I’ve also spent over 25 years creating marketing and training programs for Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and entrepreneurs.

During that time, I’ve built up my own flourishing businesses as a training consultant and then as a provider of brandable, ready-to-teach business and marketing courses. In other words, we create the courses and YOU get to teach them under YOUR name!

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