3 Reasons Your Social Media Strategy Isn’t Working

Social media strategy not working? I hear you. You're definitely not alone in your struggle to make social media marketing work for your business. So in this post, I'm going to explore the 3 reasons your social media strategy isn't working, along with some ideas around how you can re-ignite it.

3 Reasons Your Social Media Strategy Isnt Working
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#1 Reason Your Social Media Strategy Isn't Working

You don't have SMART Goals.

In fact, your social media strategy doesn't have any goals at all. That means you can't measure your impact properly. 

A close second to having no goals for your social media strategy is having the wrong goals. Your goals need to lead back to your big vision, which leads to the purpose of your social media posts.

But it's not just about having the right goals for your social media strategy. It's also about knowing the analytics to look at AND understanding them.

Here's some analytics info that will blow your mind... 

  • Website hits are different from website visitors. A website hit is how many times the server is pinged to load a page.
  • A ping happens with every link and image, starting with your navigation and finishing with your footer. A blog post like this could easily generate 100 hits with just one visitor.
  • On the other hand... One visitor is one visitor. You might think your website is doing brilliantly with 1000 hits a day, but that could be just 10 people. 

Your social media goals should be easy for you to create, understand, and track. When you have the right goals, understand them and know why you post your social media content and for what reasons... Then you'll find your social media strategy starts to make the impact you want.

#2 Reason Your Social Media Strategy Isn't Working

You don't know who your ideal client is.

If you don't know who they are, you can't find them on the right platform, speak to them in their language, show you understand their problems, and offer up a solution. Even if you have the right goals in place, not knowing your ideal client will tank all your social media efforts. Your analytics will show zeros that look like they're mocking you. 

Knowing your ideal client means you can personalize the content that you create just for them. It means you can make an "in" joke and create instant connection. It means you build genuine, authentic rapport and you have no need to fake it until you make it.

Combined with your goals, knowing your ideal client profile really accelerates your social media strategy. But there's one final part...

#3 Reason Your Social Media Strategy Isn't Working

You don't have the right content for the right platform.

As I type this post, 'Reels' are all the rage across Instagram, polls are dominating LinkedIn, and food/recipe videos are dominating Facebook, followed by music video and then quizzes.

In 2010, images were all over Facebook, Instagram wasn't even born, and LinkedIn was for making business connections and predominantly used by recruiters. The content that worked in the past isn't the content that works now. 

All the main platforms love a good meme! Here's Azuul from 2010, and the forever alone meme was very popular back then! 

Image (C) Funny Junk.

Azuul meme from 2010

So there you have it - goals / ideal clients / content together have a huge impact on your social media strategy.

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A social media strategy is a living, breathing document that grows with you and your business. It's not something carved in stone, and it's something that you'll update on a regular basis so you're always at the top of your ideal client's feed. 

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