Be Inspired: How Sarah Will Create Her Online Academy


Like me and Evan, Sarah is an experienced online course creator. She has an academy already, and until she wrote this post she didn't have a formal curriculum, all her courses were mix and match! 

She's now fully converted to the idea of a curriculum and is sharing her planned one in this post. It's time to get inspired!

Meet Sarah

Sarah is Robin to Sharyn's Batwoman. She's the ultimate sidekick and is often found on livestreams with Sharyn. Her goal is to takeover the emails...

What Courses Would You Pick for Your Online Course Academy?

1. Ideal Customer Profile

2. Strategic Website Content

3. Blogging Mastery

4. Next Level Website Content

5. Write Your Expert Book  

6. Promote & Market Your Business Book

7. Repurpose: From Blog to Book to Course

Why Did You Choose These Courses?

Like Kate, I believe the Ideal Customer Profile is the foundation for all great marketing. I just had to include this course in my Academy. I'd follow up with Strategic Website Content to help my student be confident in their website, and then I'd show them how to blog with Blogging Mastery. This would be quickly followed up with Write Your Expert Book and Promote and Market Your Business Book. I will probably merge these programs together to make one awesome course. I'd finish up by showing my students how to get the most from their content with Repurpose. 

What Online Course Platform Would You Choose?

I use the New Zenler platform. Here I can use their bulk upload tools to get my content into place quickly. I also love their private community. For me this has been a gamechanger for my academy as it means we can come off of Facebook!

What Would The Investment Be for Your Academy?

I would run this as a 9 month long program, so I'd ask for £2,500 early bird and £3,750 normal investment. I'd have space around the blogging course and the writing of the book to enable my students to blog and write! There would be bi-weekly accountability calls with the group.

How Would You Market Your New Academy?

Email! Like Sharyn, I love email marketing. I will also use some Facebook retargeting ads to encourage people to my sales page. I might also add in two livestreams when my cart opens so students can ask questions. 

What Tips Do You Have For Our Readers?

Done is better than perfect. Create the best content you can in the moment. Don't stress over the content, as you create more you will become better at it. 

Remember you can always upgrade and add more content as Evan suggests. 

Thank you Sarah

We found this very inspiring! Will you choose the same courses as Sarah to build your online course curriculum, or would you add something different?

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Be Inspired

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