Be Inspired: How Evan Will Create His Online Academy


Over the last couple posts, we've shared a few amazing curriculums by "picking the brains" of our team and sharing with you the content they'd choose to build their online school or academy. Get ready to be inspired to create your own fantastic curriculum! Today we're meeting Evan, part of Team Sparks!

Meet Evan

Evan is far more than the Content Sparks social media expert! He's an online course creation genius in his own right. One part of his role is to support Fiona and Kate in developing courses, learning materials, and all the bonuses that you love when you get a Blaze course kit. But he also develops his own excellent Beacon and Blaze courses, with many more to come. Evan is based in Mexico at the moment, but you never know where he'll be next.

Why Did You Choose These Courses?

Getting started online can be complicated, and this curriculum will help my students create their ideal client profiles, create their personal brand and start content marketing! It's the perfect way to get started, and the final part will be Next Level Website Content which will help my students get found for all the right reasons! 

What Online Course Platform Would You Choose?

I know Kate, Rachel and Sharyn all chose Teachable, so I will choose something different. Another great option is Thinkific. Their drag and drop tools will make it easy to upload a course rapidly. Like Kate, I will outsource this aspect. 

What Would The Investment Be for Your Academy?

There are 4 main courses to my curriculum, so the investment for all 4 will be $1595, or $450 each. I would sell Build Your Unique Personal Brand for $997 as a standalone program. I will offer unlimited email support for a year, and if someone wanted to book me for 1-2-1 coaching that would be an upsell from my curriculum. 

How Would You Market Your New Academy?

I would hire someone to do Facebook ads for me. I'd build an email list and then build rapport with my new subscribers. When I have 50, I'd run a proper launch with an open and closed cart to fill my academy. I've learnt over the years that you don't need a big list to make good money from selling your online courses.

What Tips Do You Have For Our Readers?

My first tip would be to remember that your courses are not carved in stone. This means you can get expansion packs and additional blog and email content and expand your courses at any point you choose. 

My second tip is to record your course in small chunks. This makes it easier for you to do, easier to edit and easier for your students to consume! 

Thank you Evan

We found this very inspiring! Will you choose the same courses as Evan to build your online course curriculum? What would you do differently?

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Be Inspired

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