What is PLR Content?

What is PLR Content?

If you've never come across the term before, you may very well be asking yourself, “What is PLR content?” Don't worry. There are many coaches, consultants, and course creators who don't really understand the value of this type of content and how it works. So let's go through the basics of PLR Content and how you can get the most from it in your business.

PLR stands for Private Label Rights. PLR content is any type of content that gives you the right to edit, change or modify it however you want. Some sites vary the limitations of these rights, but the intent is the same.

If this sounds strange to you, take a moment to realize you see it every day; you're surrounded by it!

I'm sure you've shopped in supermarkets or chain stores that have products with their names on them. Do you think they made those themselves? No way. Most of these stores buy their private name products from generic manufacturers who give them the rights to put their own name on them. So the package of pasta that has your local supermarket's label on it may be exactly the same as the one down the road with another market's name. That is PLR content. Same product, different look and label with the added benefit that you can personalize your content and add different ingredients.

In the online course world, PLR looks a little different from that package of pasta. It's far more valuable and flexible for your needs. While the local supermarket can only put their name on their goods, PLR to online content gives you the ability to alter it however you want.

For example, take a ready-to-to online course, like the ones we sell here at Content Sparks. You can take the provided PLR articles in the Lead Generation Materials and use them as-is on your blog, if you like.

However, you can also take that article and break it into little pieces to use as daily tips on your Facebook page. You could also combine the blog posts together into a longer report, or even enhance them with other articles to create a complete ebook.

And that's just taking one small part of the content provided in our full course kits! You can customize and put your name on the full course and teach it as your own – either to current customers and clients, to new prospects, or as a paid program for brand new customers.

Once you purchase the private label rights to any online content, you can treat it as either a finished product or a rough draft of your own. It's yours to edit, transform or publish in any way you want. You can even use it in physical products like that pack of pasta – only it's far more educational!

Who uses PLR Content?

Who uses PLR content

Everyone from coaches to consultants to course creators to start-ups can use PLR Content. 

Here at Content Sparks we specialize in PLR Content that you can use to create online courses, as well as marketing PLR content. We call it Brandable Content rather than PLR, because branding and adding your personality to the content is what you do. 

So if you're looking to create a successful online course you're totally in the right place.  

Where can you use PLR Content?

At the simplest level, you can use your PLR Content on your blog. At Content Sparks, we include these brandable blog posts in our Lead Generation Content or Flash content. If you want to get just a little creative, you can use PLR blog posts as the basis of your social media campaigns and your livestreams. Most people like to add in a new headline and tailor the opening paragraph to their audience.

You can also use PLR Content in your email sequences. In our larger PLR Content course kits, we have complete email sequences for nurturing your leads, as well as onboarding emails (these are the new customer welcoming emails that you get when you purchase something). We find that Content Sparks customers like to be able to professionally onboard their new customers, as well as build rapport with them.

We often release bundles of blog posts and emails so you can attract in new leads for your online courses. 

DFYBlogPEmailBundle3 eCove3D

You get 5 pre-written blog posts and 5 pre-written emails that are easy to customize, with areas clearly marked for where you should add your own personal info and links. Our blog and email hot topics are based on popular courses from the Content Sparks catalog and complement these courses perfectly!

One of the most popular ways to use PLR Content is for your customers and students. Our Student Materials, aka Beacon Content, contains workbooks, action guides, cheat sheets and more! You'll love how you can use this content to get amazing results for your clients.

Here's an example of a stand-alone Beacon Content package:

Customers for Life

With Next Level Website Content, you’ll get everything you need to create your own webinar, workshop, lead magnet, or paid product that helps people tap into powerful web content strategies that will take their sites to a whole new level.

The most popular way to use PLR Content from Content Sparks is for your online courses. We even create full-funnel online course kits, or Blaze content as we call them. These PLR Content kits contain everything your learners need, including the lead generation materials and the student materials, as well as everything you need for teaching - the instructor materials.

If you purchase a Blaze PLR Content course when it's in its early launch phase you will also have the opportunity to grab the 5-Day Challenge bonus that we offer. The 5 Day Challenge enables you to deliver the PLR content in a popular format that shows your audience that you're the go-to expert on the topic. They get to experience your teaching style in a warm, and ready-to-buy environment on social media. 

Here's an example of Blaze content:

BuildAudience Blaze3D

Quickly put together your own online course, live workshop, or coaching program on Build Your Audience Using Social Media where you'll teach your audience simple social media tactics to grow an audience of their ideal customers.

PLR Content Expansion Packs

Here at Content Sparks we also offer you additional content types with the various PLR Content course materials. These vary from quiz content to planners to extra reports and guides. The PLR Content Expansion Packs can be used as bonuses, as well as student teaching aids.

People rarely become successful by accident. In most cases, those who start great businesses or have enviable careers are able to do so because they’re motivated by something much greater than money, fame, or status. They’re driven by their purpose in life, otherwise known as their big ‘why.’

Important Note: You cannot use PLR content in Kindle Books (digital books) unless its substantially rewritten. You can however use the content to create Print on Demand books through KDP (previously known as CreateSpace). 

Why use PLR Content?

The whole point of buying PLR content is to make your life easier. As a business owner, you have a lot of demands on your time and a great deal of content you need to create. Private Label Rights content gives you a base of materials to work from so that you don't have to do it all yourself. You can buy content for:

  • Your blog or website
  • Marketing material and promotions
  • Your own product and course creation

Everyone always says that you shouldn't reinvent the wheel. Well, creating your own content from scratch every time is the same as reinventing the wheel. If you already have the content, you can invest your brainpower in personalizing it rather than building it from the ground up.

When you think about buying PLR content, consider it as getting the first half of your work done for you. It helps you make the most use of your valuable time, and when it's Content Sparks PLR, it helps you deliver amazing results for your clients.

Is it Wrong to use PLR Content?

Every now and then someone says it's unethical to use PLR Content. At Content Sparks, we position ourselves as your supplier of online courses; we are a supplier to your business and part of your team. We are the experts in instructional design that you've commissioned to help you speed up creating your online courses and marketing them.  There's nothing unethical about outsourcing aspects of your content creation to a specialized team. It's working smarter, not harder.

That said, not all PLR Content is created equally. Content Sparks is premium quality PLR. You will discover you don't have to re-write our content if you don't want to. You will find the concepts evergreen, and you will find room to share your own experiences, anecdotes and examples. 

What's the next step with PLR Content?

The next step for you would be to join the free Online Course Challenge. Here, you will be able to download a mini-course kit, fully dive into creating a course on Time Management, and experience what it's like using premium quality PLR content in your business. 

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