Be Inspired: How Fiona Will Create Her Online Academy


Over the last few posts, we've been doing our utmost to "pick the brains" of our team and share with you the content they'd choose to build their online school or academy.

So far you've seen Sharyn's curriculum, Evan's Curriculum, Rachel's curriculum and now it's time to see Fiona's curriculum! 

Get ready to be inspired once again! 

Meet Fiona

Fiona is the linchpin of Team Sparks and project manager extraordinaire! Currently based in Panama, but hailing from the UK, Fiona organizes the team and ensures your online course content is delivered safely and securely. 

What Courses Would You Pick for Your Online Course Academy?

1. Ideal Customer Profile

2. Email List from Scratch

3. Content Marketing to Build Your Brand

4. Strategic Website Content

5. Next Level Website Content

Why Did You Choose These Courses?

I have picked these because together, they form a great foundation. If you are starting out, these 5 courses will give you the knowledge and practical steps to running a successful business.

What Online Course Platform Would You Choose?

I'd build my courses in LearnDash, which sits within a WordPress website. I can drip feed my content so my students aren't overwhelmed and I can add in some gamification elements. 

What Would The Investment Be for Your Academy?

I would sell my curriculum (all 5 courses) for $2000, or $595 each.

With the curriculum I would also offer a weekly office hours call where I can help my students with any issues. I can also pre-sell my other courses and gain feedback to grow my business and services.

How Would You Market Your New Academy?

Social media marketing and email. I'd start with Facebook marketing and build an audience. I would then deliver one of the 5 day challenges that Content Sparks supply and generate engagement and interest. 

I'd then promote my curriculum and open the doors to all my new students!

What Tips Do You Have For Our Readers?

I'd want our readers to remember they can mix and match Content Sparks courses. You could take elements from Strategic Web Content and expand your course even more! 

Thank you Fiona

We found this very inspiring! Will you choose the same courses as Fiona to build your online course curriculum, or would you add something different?

Thanks for your purchase from Content Sparks


Be Inspired

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