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How about using your new blog posts and emails to sell a course?

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While you can use your new blogs posts and emails in a variety of ways…

You can also use them to attract prospective students to specific courses in our library!

If you're interested in grabbing any of the courses related to your blog posts and emails, here's a coupon you can use to get 50% off:

Coupon Code: DFYBundle350

That coupon will give you 50% off any of the following full-price courses at Content Sparks:

Branding101 Pack 3d

Branding 101 – Design and Market Your Brand

In Branding 101 – Design and Market Your Brand, you’ll get everything you need to create a webinar, workshop, lead magnet, or paid product on how to both design a brand identity and then strategically market your brand.




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Rebranding Your Business

Rebranding Your Business

Quickly put together your own online course, live workshop, or coaching program on Rebranding Your Business, where you'll teach your audience how to re-energize a business by implementing a new brand identity.




$197.00Add to cart


PoweredUpProcesses 3D

Powered Up Processes

With Powered Up Processes, you’ll get everything you need to DELIVER, TEACH, and ATTRACT students to a course that teaches them a step-by-step program on how to supercharge and simplify your business by streamlining business processes.




$197.00Add to cart


how to create a membership site

How to Create a Membership Site

Quickly put together your own online course, live workshop, or coaching program on How to Create a Membership Site, where you'll teach your audience how to build and run a subscription-based website for recurring income.




$297.00Add to cart


Social Proof 3d

Social Proof Strategies

In Social Proof Strategies, you'll get everything you need to create a personalized lead magnet, bonus resource, short course, webinar, email series, or paid product on how to use social proof to increase conversions.



$77.00Add to cart


 Strategic Website Content
How to Create Website Content for Your Key Pages

With Strategic Website Content, you’ll get everything you need to LEARN, TEACH, and ATTRACT STUDENTS to your own step-by-step course that will help your customers create the 4 key pages on their website, so they get maximum visitor engagement and customer conversions.



$197.00Add to cart

NLWebContent eCover3D

Next Level Website Content

With Next Level Website Content, you’ll get everything you need to create your own webinar, workshop, lead magnet, or paid product that helps people tap into powerful web content strategies that will take their sites to a whole new level.




$147.00Add to cart



Just pick the ones you want, add them to your cart, and then enter the code (DFYBundle350) in the coupon code section.

Then use one of the related blog posts and emails to start building a list of people who will be interested in your course, at the same time that you're getting your course ready to sell.

When your course is ready, you'll already have a list of people who will want to enroll in it!

Here's that code again:

Coupon Code: DFYBundle350
Discount: 50% off related courses (see list above)

And please let us know if you have any questions by emailing

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Still not sure? Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions:

What does my license allow me to do with my Content Sparks content?

Your license gives you the rights to edit or cut up the content into sections, combine it with other content, or transform it to other media formats (such as audio, video, graphics, etc).

You can then share or sell the content with paid customers or prospects who have given you contact details.

The exception is the content meant for promotion, such as tweets, blog posts, and graphics. You can publish those freely anywhere on the web to drive traffic to your site and offers.

What am I NOT allowed to do with my Content Sparks content?

You are not allowed to sell or give away a license  or the editable files to anyone else. That means you can NOT sell or share the Private Label Rights (PLR), Resell Rights, or Master Resell Rights to anyone.

Also, you are not allowed to publish the content freely on the web where anyone can read or download it, including free membership sites or forums. The exception is promotional materials, as mentioned above. This protects the value of your content.

Do I have to rewrite the content?

You have the option to rewrite it if you choose, but it is not necessary. However, we recommend that you rewrite and add to any web-based content that you want found by search engines (like Google), so that it will rank higher in search engines. Adding value to existing content is also important, such as additional images, examples, stories, or lists of resources. By adding your own personal examples and experience, you'll boost your reputation and credibility exponentially.

What should I charge for the content once I've made it into a product?

Pricing your content is always a challenge and it depends on your own market. Some people charge $97 for a webinar series. Others add it to a $27/month paid membership program each month. And some have charged as much as $1997 for a full training program with coaching added.

Take a look at what competitors and similar businesses are charging in your industry. Then find your own middle ground based on how you want to position yourself.

We recommend that you never charge less than $27 and charge more if you're adding live or video elements. Charge even more if you're adding coaching.

If I want to set up a sales funnel, how do I get started?

We have a number of tutorials and videos in our blog, as well as a list of our favorite resources we use in our own business.

Start by watching these tutorials:

==> Profiting from Content: Basic Funnel Set Up for Beginners

==> How to Quickly Customize Your Content

And get ideas for resources to use here:

==> Resources I Use in My Business

How can I get help if I need it?

You can always contact our support desk here:

You should expect an answer within 24 hours, except on weekends.